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Biography of Saud Shuraim

Saud Shuraim

Shuraim, whose full name is Saud Ash Shuraym, also Cheikh Shuraim, is one of the most acclaimed reciters of the Holy Qur'an.

He was born in Aryad, Saudi Arabia in 1966 (1386 H). he graduated from the University of Al Imam Mohamed Ben Saud and then joined the High institute of Magistracy.

Shuraim's teachers were as eminent as Cheikh Abdelaziz Ben Baz, Abdallah Al Jabrayn, Abdallah Ben Okail, Abderrahmane El Berrak, Abdelaziz Errajhi and other.

In 1992, Saud Ash Shuraym was nominated by the King of Saudi Arabia Imam and Priest (Khatib) of the Holy Mosque. He was also appointed as a judge in the Saudian High Court.


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  1. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh ya Sheikh Kabir one of my role models and one of my darlings.I do pray for you because it is my task to do so but whether or not i pray for you, in sha Allah,Malikul Quddus would be behind you.Our relationship-my comments and so on will continue until i come there.I am going to come there to enlist the Shariah-respected army because it is the military forces of a Shariah country.Two years ago,i dreamed about coming there, and in the dream,i was taken on a conducted tour of the Kabbah where i was shown the fresh dead bodies of all the descendants of the prophet kept in a room.May be no need to mention his name,but it was the most respected man of the holy land who took me on that conducted tour of the Kabbah.I have not listen to you at Saudi-Qur these days thinking that my t,v, had a problem, but it was only the adopter which has a fault.Now,i will keep on listening to you there,

  2. Yes,one of the greatest khalifahs of the umma of this present day,Sheikh Kabir Ash-Shuraim.I would thank the security personnel at Al Masgid Al Haram for the good job that they do.It is very important that they do keep the momentum however i would tell them that it is not all difficult for them because they do have the strongest and most effective helpers on duty with them there, the angels.As for me, on many occasions,Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta Ala would reveal things to me through speech,physical demonstration under my eyes e.t.c.One of these days, while i was watching Saudi Qur t.v, i was told that even Ruh-ul- Quddus Gibrail Alaihi Salam was in attendance at the Kabbah.One of my role models,Sheikh Kabir Ash-Shuraim,i do wish you all much more peace,mercy and blessings from Malik-Ul-Quddus.

  3. As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu my perfect role models.How are you?I am absolutely sure that Allah would frequently uphold you.Like you do know,An Imam of a mosque in a community is the leader of that particular society and imams of the imam of mosque on earth are imams of the world.For this reason,you are the khalifahs of the world.Jazakum Allahu kairan.This picture is dark though because i took it at night. Please, send it.Don't you understand me yet.I never lie.ALL That i wrote about myself are completely true:My heart is totally clean.I do have no hatred for any human being;I am concerned with the welfare of all mankind.As i do say,we are all created by one Allah.So we are one and the same.

  4. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu, Shaikh Kabir abi Ash-Shuraim.As usual,i am one of your biggest fans and you are my role model.I do wish you extra blessings in all shapes from Al Wahhab.Ma shallah,abi.According to the most wise of all the human beings and demons,The Prophet of Allah,there is a piece of flesh in human beings which,if it is good,makes the whole individual and his character good,and should it be bad,the entire human being and his attitude is bad.That is the mind,according to the prophet.Abi,your mind is excellent.I am always and will be often glad about you for ever.

  5. Assalamu alaikum wa rahamatullahi wa barakatuhu.
    May Allah Subhanu taala shower his endless blessings on Sheikh Shurim and give him best reward in here and hereafter.
    It is my belief that,only the special persons are selected by Allah to become imam of Haramain ash Sharifain.Sheikh Shuraim is one of them.
    Allah Subhanu taala has rewarded him such a voice which draws deep concentration of mind of the listeners. I pray for him as to Allah give him a good health and a long happy long life

  6. Assalamu-alaikum Muslim brothers and sisters!
    I am writing from Boston,USA.although i am very far from this sheikh I listen to him everyday.
    May Allah put him in the highest of the paradise,May Allah also bless him and his family and friends,
    May Allah bless his teachers who thought him and bless any sheikh who perform reading Allah's words. subhanna Allah, may Allah forgive the wrong doers and bless them with a healthy and safe heart.
    salamu -alaikum
    Muslim brothers and sisters.

  7. Shaikh Saoud Shuraim is great "Qaari Quran" means he is a great reader of Quran. The way he reads the last AYAAT OF SURAH Yunus is heart trembling, I cry every time I'm listening the way he reads Suurah Yunus. When I was a young man, back my country Somalia (now I'm living in London) in 1960s there was a Somali Shaikh who reads the Quran the way Shaikh Shuraim reads, and I remember we all cry when that shaikh reads the Quran. Shaikh Saoud Shuraim thank you very much. You are "Ahlo Jannah".

  8. I am a muslim from South Africa. I have been to Makka 5 times and Sheik Shuraim has the most gifted voice including Sheik Sudais. I sit and listen to their recitals on computer the whole day. When he recites I get that sincere feeling like I am standing next to him, you can feel his presence. May Allah grant him to keep up what he doing and pass it onto his sons Insha- Allah and I hope all young boys in the whole world can be like him, what a wonderful world it would be.

  9. assalamualikum warahmatullahi warabakatuhu to all my brother and sister... I think I am the biggest fan of saud bin Ibrahim al Shuraim's cause he is one who changed my whole life he is one source to make me love to the holy Quran thats why i am memorizing Quran trying to imitation Quran in his tone and style... but i couldn't be like shaikh... i really wants to meet shaikh and also want to spend my whole life in his shadow.. may Allah bless me to this.. Aameeen

  10. May god bless Sheikh Shuraim with jannatul firdaus. Ameen
    He is the epitome of religious scholarship and Qur'anic recitation. An icon to be celebrated indeed. The somali community everywhere in the world celebrate and is proud of these great hero. He is to be emulated by any muslim who has a sense of identity in the very comprehensive and beautiful religion of ISLAM religion. May he be the companion of our beloved prophet in the Jannah, Ameen.

  11. Salam O Allikum to every one
    I am a pakistani doctor, every year I go to Makhha in ramazan to pray salat Taravehh in iqtida of Sh Shuraim Mudazillah allaih, but unfortunately now he is reading 10 rakats in two days. we like the previous routin of 10 rakats every day at least and also daua because he is Mustajab u dua . I also desire to meet sh Shuraim in next ramazan Inshallah. Musharraf Ali Khan PIMS Hospital Islamabad Pakistan

  12. Asalamu Aleykum,
    Sheikh Saoud Shuraim's voice is the best! He knows the whole quran by heart he was born in saudia arabia. I'm listening the way he reads Surah Yunus. When I was a young man, back my country Somalia (now I'm living in London) in 1960s there was a Somali Shaikh who reads the Quran the way Shaikh Shuraim reads, and I remember we all cry when that shaikh reads the Quran. Shaikh Saoud Shuraim thank you very much.

  13. Hello,
    Imam Shuraim is one of the scholars that we are fortunate to have. I have not had the chance to meet, but when I listen to recite the Holy Koran, I can not hold my tears. I take the meaning and scope of each word they recite. I do not rate as its khoutbas Friday at the Holy Mosque, via Saudi TV or internet. If someone can give me his details, I would have my e-mail: mallediag@hotmail.fr
    Thank you very much.

  14. salam wa rahma,the big man himself,sheikh shuraim,may the good lord keep you safe,am proud to let the world know that am a good servant who recite as just sheikh does,which devote alot of peolple to the masjid when ever am using his voice,at times some people far away used to ask,is it him or mewhen they heard the voice far away from them,what i can only say is that,may the almighty lord bless him and his family.ameen

  15. Everytime when I listen to Sheikh Saud Shuraim he gives me with his melody the meanings of the ayahs in my mind. That makes him special, every single recitation is very beautiful, because of the difference of recitations over the years it make it extra nice. Since I was young I listen to him and always I would like to be like him, he is undoubtly one of my greatest inspirator for memorizing the Quran.

  16. Assalmu alaykum everyone. I just gotta say one thing about sheikh Shuraim. I started listening to him since i was born and i never liked any other sheikh than him since i first heard him so there is really no other sheikh that i can compare sheikh shuraim with.So, may allah bless him and his family and my wish is to see him before i die.And if i don't see him in this world than in Jannah inshallah.

  17. I am from Kenya. Sheikh Shuraim has the best voice in the world. Sheikh Shuraim's famous deep, relaxing, heart aching recitation has stunned the whole world. i especially love sheikh Shuraim when he reads surah Yusuf. It is so beautiful. I love when he rises his voice up and down that makes it sweet. All in all sheikh shuraim is the BEST sheikh and QAARI. He is the Best KHATEEB as well. ASC

  18. Sheikh Shuraim is one of my favourite reciters to listen too. His recitation is beautiful. May Allah reward him and his teachers and put in the highest level of Jannah. I always listen to his recitataion everyday and I try to recite like him especially when I recite Surah Al-Ahzab which is the first recitation of his I listened too. May Allah bless him.

  19. Assalamu alaykum. To say that Sheykh Saoud Shuraim is a great reciter of the holy Qur'an is merely stating the obvious. I can't count the numbers of time I weep when listening to his recitation of Suratul Imrana and Noor. I pray to Almighty Allah, the bestower of all bounties to grant him good health, long life, Iyman and beneficial knowledge.

  20. Sheikh Sharaim is a pracious gift from Allah . I found of his recitations . May Allah give him thousands of years of age so all the humanity could be benefied. We should follow such a personality that how he loves his Allah which reflects in his recitation.I always wish to be a recitor like him and often recites like his style.

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