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Biography of Ibrahim Al Akhdar

Ibrahim Al Akhdar

Ibrahim Al Akhdar, born Ibrahim Ben Alkhdar Al Qayim in Madina Munawara, Saudi Arabia, in 1364 Hijri (1945).

Ibrahim Al Akhdar received a religious education and entered many religious schools to accomplish his educational process such as Dar Al Hadith. In parallel, Ibrahim worked on memorizing the Holy Qur’an taking his first lessons from eminent teachers like Omar Al Haydari, Cheikh Hassan Ibrahim Al Chair, Cheikh Amir Ben Sayed Othman, Cheikh Ahmed Ben Abdulaziz Al Zayat. He also studied the Akidah, the Fiqh and took language courses from Cheikh Abullah Ben Mohamed Al Ghuniman.

Ibrahim Al Akhdar worked as teacher in Abi Ben Kaab School for memorizing Qur’an in the Madina Munawara and then led prayers as imam in the Holy Mosque of Jeddah. He was also hired as teacher in the Holy Qur’an Faculty and the Call Faculty of the Islamic University of the Madina Munawara. He also taught in the Scientific Institute of Islamic Call relevant to the Imam University.

Since 1406 Hijri (1986) and during nine years, Cheikh Ibrahim Al Akhdar was one of the imams of the Holy Mosque of the Prophet Mosque.

Cheikh Ibrahim Al Akhdar contributes widely to the Holy Qur’an Memorization activity in Saudi Arabia and in many committees and associations such as the Charitable Association of Social Services; the National and International Jury of the Holy Qur’an competition.

Cheikh Ibrahim Al Akhdar attended many Television and Radio programs, and gave lectures in many scientific meetings. His recitations discography is present in many Islamic libraries all over the world.


  1. Among all the famous Qaris & Hafizes, I found Ibrahim Al Akhder as a very clear, heart rendering, best of the best, sweetest of the sweetest Quran reciter. If you know full Quranic Grammar,only then you will find the real reasons for loving him and considering him the best Quran reciter. I had an opportunity to visit a Book Fair in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, Middle East, where I visited a Saudi Book Stall. What did I find there? You can't imagine. There was HUGE STOCK of Quran Casette recordings (from Saudi Government for free distribution). All the interested men gone mad to collect his casettes only. Other reciter casettes were also there but its demand was very poor. Anyone having his prayer (Median Mosque) time cassette records, please advise me, I am ready to get copy of that by any means.
    My email is golamae@yahoo.com.

  2. In 1984 I was i Medina (during Haj time). I heard his voice in Fajar & Issa prayer. During Fajar prayer I felt like telling Allah not to let him go for Ruku - rather let him recite & recite & recit the Holy Quran. I become mad I felt that I never heard Quran before. Went to Audio Cassette shop for his Quran casette recorded during prayer time. YOU KNOW what the shop owner told me FAJAR IMAM FAJAR IMAM (instead of his name). People were so mad to buy his Quran Cassette.
    Anybody know his present where abouts, please. adv me.

  3. He is my favorite reciter of all time. I live in Tulsa Oklahoma USA and was fortunate to receive guidance from a citizen of Saudi Arabia. He was born in Mecca and his name is Dhakil abu AbdurRahman. He was only here for a short time, but I sat with him after Fajr daily. He instructed me to listen to Ibrahim Al Akhdar's recitation and do not leave it. Ma sha Allah. I am thankful to Allah for both of these brothers. I want to meet Ibrahim al Akhdar and see Dhakil abu AbdurRahman again. En sha Allah.

  4. Ma'sha'Allah tabarak'Allah. For years I've hopped from one reciter to the other. Never a 'devoted' follower like others seem to be. Until now. Alhamdulillaah Allah has led me to this sheikh. Hafs-Aasim reciters have so many different styles e.g. amount of stretch here & there & gunnah (meem noon) etc etc. At last. After all this time. A sheikh who recites just as i was taught. After reading his Bio for sure my teacher was influenced by him.

  5. the first time i went to Haramain was in 1993 and Sh Ibrahim al-Akhdar used to perform the Fajr Salaat!!! what ecastacy and beauty in his recitation! ones mind just goes to the meaning when listening to him. he portrays the meaning of the Quraan.
    he has the best Tajweed of them all by far.
    may Allah grant him long healthy life to render service to the Quraan.

  6. as a beginner like me it is nice to listen to his recitation,each letter is pronounce clearly and perfectly delivered. and every time i am reading qura'n i used to listen to his recitation as guide for my reading .thank you very much for rendering you good service to us.May Almighty ALLAH Bless You and Keep You in Good Health Always.

  7. I love this. It is wonderful to think that all these sheikhs are not only Doctors and Masters of the Islamic Sciences but also of some of the worldly sciences. May Allah bless each and every individual one of them. May Allah fill this ummaah with great all rounders like these sheikhs.

  8. Shaikh Ibrahim is a very excillent reciter of holly Quran.
    I first time listened to him reciting Sura Luqman.
    He has a clear Tajweed and one can recite after Shaikh to improve his recitation. All Muslim are requested to listen Holly Quran in Shaikh's voice.

  9. This reciter, Ibrahim al Adkhar has such a wonderful way of reciting, I am transported back to my childhood, when this exact style of low tone, clear recitation, adequate pauses, very very clear pronunciation was told to us. I listen to him daily. Its my medicine.

  10. Al-Hamdulillah I love his pure sweet clear recitation. I love listening to him Al-Hamdulillah and learning recitation and tajweed from him. His recitation is very clear and beautiful. May Allaah azza wa jal reward our Br.Ibrahim with the Best of His Rewards

  11. I have been extremely fortunate to have prayed under the imamship of Mr. Ibrahim, there are a number of quran reciters, but he is the choicest one, may Allah accept this recitation and grant me the success of either woirld. Aamin

  12. I am blessed and honored to be a student of one of the (female students of shaikh Ibarahim Al Akhdar).
    Sh. Ibarahim by all means is the best reciter of quran. And i ask allah to reward him and my shaikha janaat al firdoos.

  13. mansh-Allah he is amazing I never get enough of listening to him one of my friend told me about him and sence than I listen to him all the time may Allah give the reward here and here after insh-Allah

  14. This shiekh is a wonderful shiekh. I am listening to him right now. He is one of the best teachers like shiekh Ali Al Hodaifi. He Is the best.

  15. Mash'Allah your recitation is beautiful Akhee. may Allah bless you and your family and grant you and your family Paradise. Ameen