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Biography of Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar

Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar

Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar is a famous reciter and imam from the Saudi Arabia. He first rose to prominence in Jeddah as an Imam and a reciter during the Ramadan Qur'an Recitation nights.

Basfar's recitation were later diffused in many Qur'an's Radio Stations and aired on Satellite TV Channels. While Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar became one of the eminent reciters of the Muslim world, he started giving religious lectures on various Islamic issues and called to assist poor people in Africa and countries in crisis. Also, he contributed himself to provide such aid in Ndjamena, Tchad.

Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar is also the president of the International instance for Holy Qur'an Memorization related to the Muslim World League which shortly became one of the most effective institutions in serving the Holy Qur'an.

Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar bibliography includes works on Islamic topics like "Ramadan, vertus and facts", "Meditations on Al Fatiha", "Al Seddik biography", "Purification of the Soul"…


  1. Assalaamu 'Alaykum ! Alhamdulillaah May Allaah grant you more reward due to your nice reciting of the Holy Quraan . Brother Basfar in Islaam Alhamdulillaah I'm listening of your recitation of the Quraan very clear every letter from the Quraan you have pronounced Ahhamdulillaah (who gave me knowledge)and to you,I've learned how to read Quraan from you. especially the (Hurufud Dhoad) Jazaakallaahu Khayraa yaa akhy fil Islaam.

  2. As salaam alaikum,i mostly got to know you when you came to Uganda and listened more of your Quran.Am still learning Allah's book but i kindly ask Allah the Al-Mighty that i put His book into memory and work upon it Insha-Allah. May Allah Ar-Rahman, Ar-Rahiim,Al-Hafith reward you a great reward and all the muslim community world wide Insha-Allah.

  3. I appericiate your services and committment for the
    Islam and Muslims of the world.
    I and my father Nujm ul Hassan Arif like you most
    as for your guidece during Hajj last year.
    My father was a member of that group that was under
    your guidence during Hajj 2012.
    May Allah bless you in both Deen and dunya.

  4. as salam alykum, i became a lover of your recitation when a complete quran on cassette was presented to me on my nikkai day from a friend in saudi arabia then.The present was a gold then and till now. I will like to have hard copy of your write up if possible.More greece to your elbow in the course of Allah.

  5. Alhamdulillah, Shaykh Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar is a great reciter. His recitation is very very useful for all who want to easily catch up with Tajweed. May Allah Taala grant Shaykh Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar a long and healthy life with all out success in this world and afterlife. Aameen!

  6. Salamou alaykoum ahiba. My name is ahmat from africa, living in New York. I realy like the voice of cheik ali basfar, I always listen to his reader. Infact I made him many years ago in cameroun kousseri he was served in our house and I hope to see im agian 9174985201

  7. Fore More than 3 years i prayed at Musjid Al Shuaibi. Amazing recitation both from you and from your son. Mashallah Tabarakallah.
    for me specially your son recitation is very interesting mashallah
    Let Allah grants you in Jennah.

  8. Whenever i am hearing your recitation i am feeling like to cry. indeed i am appreciating it, may almighty reward you with Jannatul-firdaus
    (Binafsy manistahda ilallahi wahdahu wa kana lahulQur'anu shirban wa magsila)

  9. Assalamo alaykom..
    maashaa Allah . Asshiekh Abdullah basfar is once of my favorite Qaari ( reader Holy Qur-an ) in this world that i listened ... jazaahollaho khayran katheera fi addonya wal akhirat.

  10. salam wa rahma alaikum,i happen to be one of those who really show love to this big brother of ours recitation,may the good lord i serve reward him with janna.ameen

  11. mashaa'allah, my soul needs to listen qira'ah al sheihk abdallah ibnu ali basfar. masha' allah.
    every time,. jazahullaah axsana-al jazaa

  12. Salam
    just saying that may the ALMIGHTY bestows his favors upon him and all the muslims.i really enjoy his recitation ma sha ALLAH

  13. subhaanallah,Allah gives whom wishes,maythe almight protect it for you and umma and give me that which is more than yours.

  14. My test for Quran reciters is to listen to Surah Al Maarij. There is no one comparable to Abdullah ibn Ali Basfar!

  15. Allah give you wat u want in dudia wal ahira I like your voice and the way u reed Qur'an allahu akbru.