1. Shaikh Saoud Shuraim is great "Qaari Quran" means he is a great reader of Quran. The way he reads the last AYAAT OF SURAH Yunus is heart trembling, I cry every time I'm listening the way he reads Suurah Yunus. When I was a young man, back my country THE GAMBIA AT WESTAFRICA. (now I'm living in SPAIN) I DONT IS SEE ANY ONCE who CAN reads the Quran LIKE the way Shaikh Shuraim reads, and I remember we all cry when shaikh reads the Quran. Shaikh Saoud Shuraim thank you very much. You are "Ahlo Jannah". I AM LOOKING FOR YOUR HELP TO MASTER THE QURAN. THANKS

  2. I don't think if we can ever find words to praise sheikh Saud Al Shuraim, his voice is a God gift and the way he creat the atmosphere during salatul qiyam is simply inevitable. I feel fortunate enough to meet him few times and found him very soft and humble. God may bless him and his voice. I also pray for him to be healthy enough to continue as Imam of Haram for rest of his life.

  3. Mohammed EL Mahdadi 2012-04-12 21:49:38

    Greatest shaikh ever, i am learning the qoran now. And always try to recitate with the same voice as him.
    From Morocco

  4. May Allah the Almighty grant protection and guidance to all his servants who glorify his last revelation, the Qur'an.