1. Muhammad Manka 2012-03-19 22:49:47

    I do think that every muslim sect,which suppose to be one because Allah and prophet Muhammad do dislike this denomination issue,has to know that Al Kabba is the most sacred mosque in the universe;That it is the mosque which is dearest to The Most Wise.Moreover the sects do get to realise that,as a result of the Kabba's location in Makkah,the city is the most sacred city on earth;That Saudi-Arabia is the most sacred country in the world;That the imams of the Most Sacred Mosque in the entire world are the khalifahs of the whole universe.And Allah would give these imams all what it takes to be world khalifahs.Be it knowledge of the secrets,mere know-how,wisdom and all other talents.So all sects should have true respect for the imams of AL Masgid Al Haram if we do posses real iman.Further more,we should always bear in mind that prophet Muhammad's home was Makkah.Allah and his prophet do hate this sect thing.That is the reason why Allah Azza Wa Jalla dismissingly talked about it in the Quran and Prophet Muhammad also deplorably pointed to it in his sayings.

  2. May Allah the Almighty grant you the holders of the Firdaws for the great job that you're doing in this wonderful website