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Biography of Salah Al Budair

Salah Al Budair

Salah Al Budair, born Salah Ibn Mohamed Al Budair in Al Hafhouf in Saudi Arabia, is the permanent Imam of the Prophet's Mosque in Medina, Saudi Arabia. He is the eldest brother of Cheikh Nabil.

Salah Al Budair started leading prayers while he was still in the high school, in 1406 hijri (1985). Salah’s academic cursus took him to Al Oum Mohamed Ben Saud Islamic University for Sharia’s studies. Fresh out, he enrolled in the High Institute of Magistracy.

Cheikh Salah Al Budair hold the post of imam in Addamam, Arryad and finally in Al Madina, the Prophet’s Mosque.

Salah Al Budair is one of the most fascinating reciters of the Holy Qur’an.


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  1. Astaghfirullah brother.
    How can you ask if Allah swt has left us alone? This life is a trial, so we all need to guard ourselves and be better muslims. Allah gave is all our own will, we have to fight shaytaans wispers. Many people do not or are to weak to, so they are not acting upon the teachings. If you see a person doing wrong, it is not ALLAH swt that left them alone, it is They who have succum to the wispers of the shaytaan, this could be due to lack of quraan and obedience. But please be careful how you express yourself. Never question Allah swt like that, it is not the way we should think. If we remember Allah swt Allah swt remembers us, if we forget him we forget ourselves. May allah help us all in out worship and obedience dear fellow muslim. Amiin. Asalamu aleykum warahmatullahi wa barakatu

  2. This is a very good site for the recitions of the Holy Quran .Sheikh Salah Al Budauis is one of the best recitors of the World.I always like to listen the Holy Quran in his beutiful voice.I also like to ask my muslim brothers abour conditions of Muslim Ummah in these days.What do you think is the reason behind this? Has Allah the AllMihgty left us alone? Why the condition is going to be the worst? I think this is happening because the muslims are not acting upon the teaching of the Holy Quran these days,and Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him has prophicised about this age that :Nothing shall be left of the the Quran bet its writtings .May Allah enable All the Muslim Ummah to follow the teaching of the Holy Quran.

  3. Salamu alaykum. I can't describe the sweetness, the beuatifulness, the khushu, the calmness of the recitation of sheikh Salah Al Biudair, hafidahulah. I remember the first night of tahajud prayer at the prophets mosque SAW, the way he read surah al baqarah was amazing, my concentration was high, his recitation was unbelievable. He is my all time favorite reciter. I recommend brothers and sisters to listen surah maa'idah till the end. I think he read it PERFECTLY. May allah protect the sheikh, and may allah preserve him and put him in janah al firdous al'alaa and us too insha'allah. Barakalahu fiikum.

  4. Masha-Allah. Al-Hamdulillah. May Allah bless all the sheikhs and reciters of the Haramain sharifain and bless all muslims and give all of them chance to visit the haramian sharifain and enjoy the beautiful renditions of the Glorious Quran and see what a majestic religion Islam is, how majestic our Prophet is, how majestic our Quran is and May Allah give us all himmah to practice it at an excellent level of Ihsaan by virtue of which other non-Muslims get the true glimpse of Beautiful religion, beautiful book of Quran, beautiful practice, submission to Allah and peace and bliss. Ameen.

  5. Allahu Akbar,
    May allah bless Sheikh Al budair for all his hard work and persuavinng
    people to recite the glorious quran with confidence.Seriously this sheikh makes my eyes with full tears with his sweet voice.May allah subhanahu wa taallaha make space for all muslims in the paradise and recite the quran like how Sheikh Salah Al Budair showed all muslim's examples and how other sheikh's did as well.May allah put all muslims in paradise and give us a chance for all wrong things we did.May Allah Subhanahu Wa Tallaa bless all muslim with full knoweledge
    Ameen ,Ameen

  6. Asalamu alaykum. This is one of my favorite recitor as well along side with Sheikh Alghamdi, Sheikh Bukhatir, Sheikh Abdul wadood Hanif and Sheikh Mishaly Al-afasy masha'Allah they all are wonderful. May Allah inspire us to strive to be like them. Truly, they are role model for all of and we should strive to know the great men of this deen instead of filthy celebs and basketball player and those away from the path of Allah..
    This is Amazing site, may Allah swt reward greatly for developing this site(Amiin)
    Keep up with the khyr
    Baraka'Allahu feikum

  7. Mashallah sheikh Salah Al Budair is the amazing reciter I have ever listened. His manner of reciting is quite unique and beautiful. When he recites the holy Quran it seems as he is reciting directly from his heart. He mostly leads fajr salah in the prophet (saw) mosque which is always awesome! May Allah bless him with his bounties in this world and hereafter. I am the greatest fan of him because of his heart touching recitation and beautiful voice.

  8. i think the way the Saudi Arabian reciters pronounce and recite the Quran the same would have been the friends of the Muhammad. The patterns, sound track and intonations and features and effect their words produce is peerless however in unison with the message. Nothing gives my heart quietitude and serenity save their recitation--- salah al budair, Sudais ( eternal voice), Shuraiam, Humaid, Ghamadi and Bari thubaity.

  9. Masha Allah.. this is my favorite reciter.. i love his voice it's so nice also sheikh Shuraim.. and sheikh Sudais.. alongside sheikh Bukhatir.. masha Allah.. but this sheikh is my favourite.... I sincerley thank Allah shubanu wa taala for it in medina al munawara may Allah give the toufique to all my muslim brothers and sisters go to medina al munawara to listen to sheikh Salah Al Budair recite Al Quran.

  10. Allahu akbar! I do not have the words to discribe how amaizing Sheikh Salah Al Budair recites al kuran, I have been fourtunate to witness his recetation past last five years. I sincerley thank Allah shubanu attala for it in medina al munarwara may Allah give the toufique to all my muslim brothers and sisters go to medina al munarwara to listen to sheikh salah al budair rscite al kuran.

  11. Dear All,I like Imam Masjid e Nabvi Kareem s a w w Shaikh Budair his voice so sweet and also meet with him during in Ramadan at Masjid Rasool in Madinnah ( Saudi Arabia).
    Alwyas we have to pray for all Imams those performing Job in Masjid ul Haram or Masjid Nabvi Kareem S A W W.
    Long live Imam-e-Kabbah and Imam-e-Masjid-e-Nabvi.
    Sincerely Regards,
    Dr Tarique Hussain Shaikh

  12. I really love Salah Al budair, he has such a beautiful voice and should become one of the imams of masjid harram. I pray for Allah(swt) to have mercy upon him and grant him jannatu furdos where Allah(swt) will give him what ever he want. And inshaallah I hope that his voice will extend to all corners of the world. Asalamu aleykum warahmatullahi wa barakatu.

  13. MashAllah. A truly great recitor with a heart warming voice. He is one of my favourite recitors. We are very fortunate to have Brothers like Salah Al Budair in our life. He truly is very inspirational. May Allah bless him further success in this world and the hereafter. They can silence our mouths but can they silence our hearts.....

  14. Sheikh s.budair voice is very nice I just wish I had his recitation on my phone. I think he should go mecca and show the world his beautiful recitation. Inshallah he comes to east London mosque and recites there. 100% guaranteed there would be over 20 thousands people there. Inshallah so brothers and sister salam.

  15. Please I am asking the Question on behalf of thousands of Muslims; "Why was removed from Masjid ul Haraam"? Salah Al Budair was the best I still miss his Salah Al Budair recitation what about his family his sons do they also recite love him?
    Please give more info about his life and his family.

  16. mashallah i love all the sheikhs i hope allah subhanahu wa ta'ala reward you for your hard work.i hope allah should reward salah al Budair for his efforts in reciting the Quran. Honestly, he reads with such emotion that listening to him can bring you to tears. He is by far my favorite recitor

  17. May Allah bless Sheikh Solah Al Badiir, he was priest nabawy madina mosque, and when I prayed behind him as a congregation, earnestly listening to the reading is so very good it .... Subhanallah, and i so like it. And I wish I could memorize and recite the Quran like him. Amiin

  18. I love this shiekhs recitation he has such an amazing voice Masha Allah.
    It inspired me and many others keep up the good work shiekh. I always listen to this quran alhamdulilah that there are such good readers in this magnificent world I thank allah alhamdulilah

  19. Assalamu alaikum, i recommend brothers and sister to listen to recitation Sheikh Salah Al Budair , i think he read perfectly, May Allah protect the Sheikh and may Allah preserve him and put him in Janat Al Ferdous al Ahla and us too InshaAllah , BarakaAllah Fikom

  20. Salah Al Budair is obviously one of the most fascinating reciter of the Quraan. Allah may bless all Muslim to recite Quraan according to its Tarteel. All Islamic coutries should promte learning of Quraan according to pattern followed by the saudi Government.

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