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Biography of Saleh Al Taleb

Saleh Al Taleb

Saleh Bin Muhammad Bin Ibrahim Al Taleb is an Imam and a preacher in “Al Masjid Al Haram”. He is also a judge in the Supreme Court in Mecca. Sheikh Saleh was born in the Hijri year 1393 in Riyadh, he is married and he has two sons and two daughters, and he is known for his chastity and smartness.

Sheikh Saleh Al Taleb grew up in a very knowledgeable family, especially in the judiciary and Islamic fields, and his family is affiliated to Hawtat Bani Tamim. He received his primary, secondary and high school education in “Al Nidamiya” schools in Riyadh, and he graduated from the faculty of “Shari’a” at the Islamic University of “Muhammad Bin Al-Saud” in 1414 Hijry. After that, he earned his master’s degree from the “high Judiciary Institute” in 1417. His nomination among three other judges to get a doctorate degree in the international law from Britain was by consent from the crown prince, due to the country’s need at the time to the presence of judges who are not only legally qualified, but have also Islamic and Shari’a Qualifications, in order to represent their country internationally when necessary.

Then, he was assigned to the council of ministers before being appointed as an imam and preacher in the Holy Mosque in Mecca according to the royal decree issued in the twenty eighth August 1423. Sheikh Saleh moved after that to Britain, where he spent nine months to study the English language because of the need to communicate with foreign delegations that come to “Al Masjid Al Haram”.

Sheikh Saleh was able to memorize the holy Quran before puberty, and he was certified by the “Ten readings” under the supervision of Sheikhs Mahmoud Omar sukar, Saber Hassan Abu Sulaiman, and Abdul Halim Saber Abdul Razak. He was also accompanied by several prominent scholars in his country, such us Sheikhs: Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz, may Allah have mercy on him, and Saleh bin Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh, the Minister of Islamic Affairs, and the General Mufti of Saudi Arabia.

Besides that, Sheikh Saleh is known for his competence in the judicial field, as he worked in the Supreme Court in Riyadh. And he was accompanied by numerous Sheikhs including Abdul Aziz bin Ibrahim Al-Qasim, Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, head of Al Taif courts, and he moved between many courts before being appointed at the Supreme Court in Mecca, where he is currently working. He was also called by the ministry of justice several times, which enriched his experiences.

Sheikh Saleh does advocacy work wherever he goes. He was behind the advocacy movements in “Rabigh” city, and he founded a Quran memorization association, and an office of expatriates’ advocacy. He also gives weekly and seasonal lectures and speeches and he participated in local and international conferences.


  1. Assalamo allikum. I went for umrah in rabiul awal with my family. In the first prayer lead by sheikh saleh al talib I was uniquely attracted and amazed by the clarity, power, quality and emotions of recitation. I wanted for next prayer. In third I had tears flowing. I inquired about his name. I searched his DVD could not get. Allah Almighty creats some people blessed, they live blessed , they meet their ALLAH with blessed status. I believe sheikh saleh al talib is one of them. I haven't listened any better reciter of Quran. The other sheikh of same emotions is salah al budair. Now I wait when sheikh saleh comes in TV leading the prayers. It takes me to haram. May ALLAH Almighty Bless him. Give him long life. Give us many chances to say prayers when he leads. Grant him jannah al firdous al aala and also us.

  2. Aslam-o-Alaikum,
    MashaAllah, the voice of Sheikh Saleh Al Tayeb always reminds us of salat at Masjid Al Haram his voice is so powerful the whenever he is reciting the holy Quran; Specially when leadin Prayers, gives me an extra ordinary force as he recites eash portion with a unique power I pray that I will witness your live prayers again and all muslim Ummah at Masjid Al Haram. I will Pray him for long life and Prosperty and my wish to meet and hand shake with Mr Sheikh Saleh Al Tayeb.
    Thanks Alot for your Co-operation
    Jawaid Ahmed
    Allied Bank Limited
    Karachi, Pakistan

  3. Sheikh Saleh Al Taleb is one of my favorite reciters. His recitation has some resemblance with Sheikh Saud Shuraim but the pitch of his voice makes him unique. I became the admirer of his recitation style when I heard him first time on the TV leading a prayer in Harm. I wish we had recording of full Quran recited by him. I think he leads most number of prayers in Harm than any other Imam. Isha prayer during entire Ramzan is always assigned to him.

  4. Assalam,
    MashaAllah,the voice of Sheikh Saleh Al Tayeb always reminds me the salat at Masjid al Haram, his voice is so powerful that whenever he is reciting the holy Quran,especially when leading prayers, gives me an extraordinary force as he recites each portion with a unique power. I pray that I shall witness your live prayers again and all muslim Ummah at Masjid al haram.

  5. Assalam,
    The voice of Sheikh Saleh Al Tayeb always reminds me the salat at Masjid al Haram, his voice is so powerful that whenever he is reciting the holy Quran,especially when leading prayers, gives me an extraordinary force as he recites each portion with a unique power.
    Warburton Punjab Pakistan

  6. assalamu alaikum, i witnessed his prayers several time at haram and still praying for another chancess.you feel sad when he complete his reciting.i still listen his voice from saudi tv during the prayers at haram.assalamu alaikum.

  7. I met him in December 2006, during Hajj. He has beautiful voice, friendly ,love to meet him again. If you listen to him live, you will never forget. If you want to meet him then the best place to prayer your asar, maghrib, isha salah between hatim and hajre aswad. Salam to all.

  8. Salam
    I just love it when he recites Surah Buruj. It just brings the astomsphere alive. I love his voice and.
    May Allah grant him a place in Jannah. I just wish that I met him one day in my life. May Allah bless his Family and Friends.

  9. This sheikh is just quality mashallah. Inshallah he comes to London and reads there. And may Allah bless him. His voice is just wicked very nice reciter mashallah. Inshallah if I go masjid-ul-haram I see him there. Salam brothers and sisters.

  10. mashallah may allah grant us all recitation like yours your voice is amazing mashallah, my favourite surah read by you is mudathir but the rest are beautiful aswell may allah grant you and all good doers the highest pace in jannah ameen!

  11. MashaAllah, he reads so beautifully. He used to read Esha in Ramadhaan (2015) in Masjidul Haram while i was there. Listening to him read live is one of the best things ever! My favorite surah by Sh.Saleh Al Talib is Surah Muddathir

  12. Masyaallah, I love sheikh saleh al taleb. He is an amazing reciter, he has beautiful voice. I went omra two years ago and he led the pray, masyaallah. May Allah bless him and his family and grant him jannah, insyaallah. ameen.

  13. He is very genious in his work. They know very well how to recites Holly Quran. He has a magic in his voice. I realy love him and i want to meet him when i will go in masjid-al-Haram. Salam my brothers and sisters.

  14. asalamoalikum to all brothers and sisters mashallah he recites very beautifully last night he was reciting surah zariat at isha prayer alhamdulillah i got the chance to recite juma behind him six months ago

  15. Really he has a magic in his voice. May Allah bless him and his family and grant him jannah ameen. Salam to my brothers and sisters. He know very well how to recites holy quran. He is very genius in his work.

  16. Mashallah very nice voice sheikh Saleh Al Taleb, may allah accept your good deeds and keep you always happy. I love you the way you led prayer, brilliant. I want you to led taraweeh in future inshallah.

  17. Just to update the information on the web site. Sheikh Saleh Aal Talib has been divorced for many years now & remarried recently in 2017 from the EU.

  18. Simply wonderful Imam Saleh Al Taleb! Thank you to recitate GOD'S QURAN like that, the amazing way, voice, to make us feel it very well...