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  1. Salam. I tried looking for Imam Muayyid's image to give a face to the voice. I supposed he has a reason for not allowing his face to be displayed. May ALLAH blessed him, for like all other listeners of his recitations, I too find myself mesmerised by his voice. But the good thing is that Alhamdulillah his recitation helped me to grasp ALLAH's verses easily. Would definitely liked to get the full Quran recitation. But judging by the verses he picked to recite and being an Imam, he probably do not recite the entire Quran for public hearing.

  2. Masha'allah I am a great follower/ listener of Imam Muayyid and is always in search of more recitations of him. As whenever I am in distress I do my 'Quran therapy' by listening to his most soothing and calm recitation ever. His recitation provides a different yet comforting feeling.....May Allah swt grant him Jannat Ul Firdous

  3. The best soothing and clear pronunciation. Love to listen again and again. wish if possible to get complete Quran recitation from Muayyid el Mazzen. If it is please guide how to get. Very sweet and give relaxation while listening. Please don't leave those who love this voice and help provide them with complete if possible.

  4. assalamu alaikum,
    thank you so much for this work. I have been looking for muayyid al mazeen quran recitation. Please be kind enough to tell me more info about this imam, I get so much inspired by his voice, I need full recitation of the whole quran, please tel us about this sheikh

  5. Salam , may Allah Subhah bless you. I realised the most emotional and dazzling feel by ur vocals.I am emenent follower of ur voice, it helped me a lot to improve the rules of Tajweed.

  6. the most emotional reciting ever listened may Allah make the reciter long live i love the reciting so much that it makes me think about the the day of judgement and the paradise and the hell Subhan Allah

  7. Salaam, one of the most mesmerizing and beautiful recitation of our Holy book! Desperately looking for the full Qur'an recitation from him ... please let me know if anyone knows where to find it.

  8. I love Muayyid Al Mazen. Please updating his recitations, I want to have all his recitation. No words, I just hope that Allah bless his entire life he's so inspiring.

  9. Al Hamdullillah. His voice is very soothing and go deep into the heart. All of us listen his recitation. Jazakamullah for uploading. Please upload full Quran

  10. I have tried so hard to get a face for the voice, I came up with nothing. I am also mesmerized by his voice. May Allah Bless him, and keep him safe. ❤

  11. Alhamdulillah.. I have been looking for this recitation since 2 years ago. Finally I can get a copy of his recitation. Jazakallahu Khairan Kathira..

  12. Masha Allah really very cool reciting it makes us cry during listening this is the most emotional reciting ever i had i listened

  13. wa llahi this Qari is an extremely good. He has a very beautiful voice, that it touches my nafs. Jazakum llah khair.