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Biography of Mohamed Al Mohisni

Mohamed Al Mohisni

Shaykh Mohamed Al Mohisni was born in 1965 in the region of Ben Salman Al Mohisni is a Quran reciter and Khatib, he is considered to be one of the oldest reciters and one of the first reciters to be recorded. Shaykh Al Mohisni learnt the Quran at an early age and was in charge of Imamat at an early age; he is currently the Imam of the Qatari mosque in Meccah.

Shaykh Mohamed Al Mohisni learnt the Holy Quran at the age of twelve thanks to his father’s insistence but also Shaykh Alam-Eddine who was assigned to teach the Quran in the community in Riyadh.

Furthermore, Shaykh Al Mohisni took imamat at the age of 15; he gathered worshippers for the first time on the evening of the 28th of Ramadan in 1979 at the Riyadh Mosque. In 1982, he moved to “Buraidah” seeking knowledge but also to help his father in trading business. He was Imam in different mosques before settling in Qatari Mosque since 2006 till the present time.

The Islamic preacher is well known with his voice, reverence during recitation and his own way of repeating Quranic verses. He is one of the few who goes through reverence and tears for more than once during his recitation of the Holy Quran unlike others who focus on the performance or rules of recitation.

Shaykh Mohamed Al Mohisni’s recitations were recorded to be available to those who would like to hear him; the first record dates back to 1977 comprising Surat At-tawbah after his recitation of the whole Quran was recorded to hear his performance with his singular voice. In the recent years, it became a tradition to broadcast his Tarawih prayers directly on the internet. There are also records of his Khutbahs and lectures mostly Friday Khutbahs styled with his eloquence and way of speaking. However, he was banned from performing khutbahs since 1993 for political reasons.


  1. Masha-Allah (SWT)-One cannot help but to realize the impact of the divinely-authored al-Quran. This shaiykh is endowed with a most beautiful voice and lovely style of recitation. I often cry when I listen to him, especially when he recites those surahs (in the last juz)dealing with the permanent life of the hereafter, the Judgement Day, Paradise and Hell. May Allah (SWT) grant the Shaiykh Al-Mohisni a long and healthy life.
    Does anyone know if he is still the imam of a masjid in Makkah. If so, how may one finds his address? if you are able to offer any help/advice, please do let me know (physicsmind_99@yahoo.com. Jazakallho khair.

  2. Assalamu alaikum. Firs of all i most expressing my feelings over the saying of one Islamic Scholar of book "Kitabul Akhdar", who says if want to like someone, for the sake of Allah. And also one Hadith of Prophet Mohammad (Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam.)) who says if you like anybody tell him, its "Sunna" of the Prophet Mohammad (Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam.). So for that reasons am to tell you that i like you. Abdullahi Idris Nigeria.

  3. Mohamed al-mohisni is the best reciter of all time. When he recites Quran he inspires all people no matter in what religion they are. It's greatest gift of Allah that we have such reciter on the earth.
    I wish you to be sincere in the way of Allah Subhana Wa Taala.
    P.S Please make dua for my son that he could be best reciter of the Quran. May Allah bless you and bless all of muslims in the world.
    Assalam Aleykum.

  4. i first of all thank the almighty Allah for assuring me the faculty of seeing and sense of humanity i want to use this great time design of my life to thank the entire brotherhood of Islam. our brother reciter Muhisini is a great an emotional reciter his sounds really makes me feel like this Dunya; is not worthy and may god bless him and every others in the room of Islam and may Allah assure him Al Janna ( amen)

  5. Salam Alaikum.
    Someone whose recitation is unique. Even if you don't know the meanings of Glorious Quran, Muhysini's recitation you can feel the glory of it. Recited from the core of his heart. He cries and make others cry. I prayed behind him at Masjid Qatari in Azeeziya, Makkah Mukarrama. He is my favorite for all times. May Allah protect him and give more to us of like him.
    Jazakallah Khair.

  6. One of the best recitation of the holy Quran.I like the Sheikh's voice. when I start listening I can't stop until I finish at least two Juzz. Sometimes I would cry with him when he is reading the verses about punishment of the hellfire and rewarding of the pradise. May Almighty Allah reward the Sheikh with Jannatul Firdowsa. O Allah forgive all muslims their sins and bless them. AMIN AMIN.

  7. Baarak ALLAHOU fik. This is Great! I was listening to sourat luqman. It's Great, Great, Great! I feel something strange each time I listen to the holy Coran even if I don't get its meaning. I would say this is one of the mysteries of the Coran. Anyone can read it or listen to it and get a strange good feeling. This Chaikh makes it even better with his unique way of reading. Thank you.

  8. Asalamu Aleikum. May Allah treasure our scholars and our Qaris and may Allah make us among those who are in the right path and who escape the fire of hell this blessed month Ramadan. Sheikh Mohaisny is mashallah among the best may Allah bless his soul and have mercy on his family.
    P.S. Mohamed Hassan I made dua for your son may Allah accept it from ameen.

  9. mashaallah baarakallah ,our current imaams of the holy masjids of Makkah and Madina you should take his footsteps surely the muslim ummah will support you inshaallah he does not fear anybody and expresses the truth and truely our leaders you will be accountable for your responsibilities

  10. Asalamu Alykum,
    I like his Recitations and him personal because he doesn't hide what he sees in this world. His Dua's Touch Hearts and he has rightly understood Who is Behind the Blood shed of Muslims. May ALLAH give him Peace and Blessing Plus Paradise.

  11. MashaAllah!Al-Mohisni is the best reciter of all times. May God grant him a good health and reward him with Janatul Firdowsa. We asked Allah to give us such capability in reciter the Holy Quran Ameeen. It is the responsibility of every Muslim to learn and follow the Quran.

  12. He is currently the Imaam of Masjidul Rajci in azzizia district of Mecca. I prayed in his mosque in 2017 Ramadhan. He is gifted and is one of the few sheikhs you can listen to without getting tired. May Allah bless Sheikh Muhaysini.

  13. Asalam aleikum Like the previous bro & sisters comentd i love sheikh mohasni Allah s.w.t knows that and i pray to Allah to keep Love 4 me in da heart of my beloved sheikh much as i strugld to look 4 his contact bt invein.

  14. ...always crying. I am always touched by your recitation. Barakallaahu feek. I pray to bless shaykh immensely and make us better than him. Ameen.

  15. I listen every time. I want to see and talk to him.any one knows his let me know or his contact thanks my brothers and sisters

  16. cant stop crying , was listening him since I was a kid alx may allah grant him his jannah in sha allah amen

  17. mohisni is my best reciter. When he recites maryam it is striking. may Allah unite us together in Pa

  18. Masha allah muhaysin when he recite holy quran very emotional allah will rewad insha allah jazakalah