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Biography of Moeedh Alharthi

Moeedh Alharthi

Sheikh Moeedh Bin Abdul Aziz Alharthi, one of the Imams and Quran readers in the Saudi Arabia, was known for his openness to the Media, in order to address the largest number of people and to deepen their knowledge concerning the Islamic religion.

Sheikh Moeedh Alharthi is one of those Sheikhs who have devoted their life to study the teachings of Islam, while trying to connect them to everyday’s life. He obtained a bachelor degree-Law specialty- from the University of Oum Al Kura, in the faculty of Shari’a.

Following his graduation, Sheikh Moeedh Alharthi was appointed as an Imam and a preacher in the mosque of “Al Merabi” in Jeddah. The Arabic public knew him through his advocacy Television program which was broadcasted on “Al Raya” TV Channel during the holy month Ramadan, a program in which the Sheikh tried to focus on self development through ethics and on how to deal with others in different situations.

Besides that, Sheikh Moeedh Alharthi was known for his “student activism” inside the walls of “Ibn Katir” primary school for Quranic memorization, as the students during his teaching period witnessed. In fact, he has a large credit in the formation and the graduation of many talents in the field of cultural activities.


  1. Ma sha Allah i love his voice and was regular in Masjid Mahrabi during Ramadan.
    Now i am back in my home town Bangalore - India.