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Biography of Khalid Al Mohanna

Khalid Al Mohanna

So much has been said about him, and he was even compared to Sheikh Minshawi because of his well-known control and mastery of different riwayas, along with the sweetness of his voice while reading the holy Quran. We are talking about the imam Khalid Al Mohanna, one of Saudi Arabia’s Shari’a scholars.

Sheikh Khalid bin Suleiman bin Abdullah Al Mohanna dedicated years of his life to deepen his study of the Islamic Shari’a and to identify its origins. In fact, he earned a Bachelor degree of Sunnah, then a Master degree in the Hidden Flaws and Knowledge of the Men and finally a doctorate in the Hadeeth differences.

Sheikh Khalid AL Mohanna was taught by a number of Sheikhs, as he obtained a certification according to Choaba and Hafs from Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Hamid Al Iskandarani, as well as a certification according to Hafs under the supervision of Sheikh Ahmed Mustafa Abu Al Hassan, then a certification according to Hafs “Qasr Al Mounfasil” by Sheikh Abdul Rafii Ridwan.

After his graduation, Sheikh Khalid AL Mohanna was appointed as a lecturer at the “Faculty of Ousoul” in the Islamic University of the “Imam Muhammad bin Saud”, and then he was appointed as an imam of the mosque of the Prince Mohammed bin Saud Bin Abdul Aziz in the district of “Hittin”. Also, he recorded an audio Quranic reading at the complex of King Fahd.


  1. May Allah(SWT) reward Sheikh Khalid Al Mohanna for his work to Islam in the Kingdom, Ameen. Seeing his picture has helped me to place the Sheikh in his proper perspective,and the unique gift of voice Allah has given him. Without the picture you may think the Sheikh is a young man, not knowing he is a colossus with a Phd credential!! BaarakaLLAHU fiihi!