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Biography of Khalid Al Ghamdi

Khalid Al Ghamdi

His full name is Khalid Bin Ali Bin Abdan Al Ablaji Al Ghamdi, born in the city of Mecca, and his origins are from Bani Hashim of Quraysh and from Al Hassan Bin Al Khalifa Ali Bin Abi Taleb. Concerning his title “Al Ghamdi”, it returns to his affiliation with the tribe of Ghamed.

Khaled Al Ghamidi grew up in Mecca, and he received his education in it, until his high school years, to join after that Oum Al Qura to complete his University education, exactly in the college of Da’wa and Ousoul Eddine- Branch of the holy Quran and the Sunnah-, and he was taught under the supervision of several Sheikhs and scholars, most notably Sheikh Muhammad Saleh Al Habib, Sheikh Muhammad Al Moukhtar Al Shankiti and Sheikh Muhammad Al Khader Al Naji.

Sheikh Khalid Al Ghamdi was special for his great scientific approach and for his smartness, as he obtained numerous certifications in his field of specialty. He holds a bachelor degree with an excellent grade from Oum Al Qura University- Branch of the holy Quran and Sunnah- in Da’wa and Ousoul Eddine University, and he also obtained a masters degree with an excellent grade from the same University- Branch of Quranic readings-, as well as a PhD degree in the same University- Branch of interpretation and explanation-.

Since his last years at the University, Sheikh Khalid Al Ghamdi has entered the world of work, as he was appointed in several positions. He was an assistant professor at the University of Oum Al Qura- Branch of Quranic readings- before being appointed as a president of the department, then as an agent of Da’wa and Ousoul Eddine’s Faculty, as well as being part of numerous organizations and institutions, most notably the Saudi organization of the holy Quran, and the Advisory committee in the branch of the ministry of Islamic Affairs In Mecca previously.

Before holding the Imamate in the mosque of Mecca following the decision of the late king Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Sheikh Khalid moved between several mosques, as he moved from the mosque of the neighborhood to the mosque of the princess Sheikha Bint Abdul Rahman Al Saud, then the mosque of AL Khayf In Mina. Sheikh Al Ghamdi contributed to the enrichment of the Islamic and Arabic libraries with many books and publications and researches, including “the Abnormal Quran readings- its meaning and its rules”,” Al Bayane collector in the Seven readings”, “the beginning of the holy Quran and its end”, alongside with “The Availing of the holy Quran: its meaning and its rules” according to the approach of Abi Ibn Ka’b in the interpretation and the ruling of staying with the Jama’a and the consequences of it.