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Biography of Khaled Al Qahtani

Khaled Al Qahtani

Sheikh Khaled Al Qahtani is a Saudi Quran reader, and he is currently appointed as an Imam in the mosque « Abd Al Razak Qanbar » in « Dimam » in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  1. My Best Reciter. I started listening Sheikh Khalid Qahtani at the stage I had already listened Sh. Sudes, Sh. Sadu, Sh. Al-Mohasney etc. Believe me when I listened Sh. Khalid, I realised it was the only Qari I was missing. I even compared Sh. Khalid's recitation with many other Top rated Qaries verse by verse and found Qahtani at top.
    He is one of them whome you can listen for hours. The more you listen the thirst to listen increases. Masha Allah He has the superb voice with perfect frequency. I am so amused to listen him, I started to copy him leaving all other reciters exept Maher al-Moailqy.
    I found the following reciters that can affect even good reciters too.
    1. Khalid al-qahtani
    2. Mahir al-Moeeqly
    3. Yasser failakawi
    4. Ahmed al-ajmi
    5. Saad al-ghamdi
    May Allah bless them and shower His favour to them.

  2. im an avid listener of this sheikh who really moved my heart the way his tartil is. infact, im using the same tartil in my madrasa and my teachers are amazed on how i recited and discovered right away that im imitating somebody because im just new in learning quran and i cant stop learning of it. subhannaAllah! im so blessed that by listening to sheikh khalid i got so much time for quran, listening and reciting with him. im also listening to sheikh al afaasy, i love the way he delivers suratul baqarah. May Allah give all the reciters more years in their lives,bless their whole family and reward them all to jannah inshaAllah...with all the muslims! ameen.

  3. From my mid teens he was one of my favorite reciters. He has such a beautiful recitation that inspired me to take on the task of learning the quran. Some reciters have that effect which cause the listener to want to learn more and love the quran more, this shiekh has that mashallah. May Allah accept his good deeds ameen and forgive his bad deeds. If i get the chance to go Saudi it would be amazing to meet him.
    Your brother Minhaj Alam

  4. I want to thank sheikh Khalid because he made me love the great Quran. He became my teacher to a degree that I have become a professional in reading the quran only through listening to his recordings in the beginning of the nineteens. I would really like to visit him if I get the chance to visit Saudi Arabia. Allah bless you teacher and thank you for the treasure that you gave to me.
    Your brother
    Mohammad Hussein

  5. I think Qahtani is a shaiaar of Allah and his voice is really full of poiusness and reflects the real meanings of Quraan. I wish to meet him once in my life, I love him for Allah. If any body knows Qahtani contacts please tell me and become part of my prayers.

  6. Khalid Qahtani i love you for the sake of ALLAH , you really inspire me and when i started listened to melody voice , i never wanted to stop .. remember me in your duaa and i always prayed for you . YA ALLAHU bless my brother khalid qahtani ...amin

  7. I think Sheikh Khaled Al Qahtani has the most soul-stirring voice in riciting the holy Qur'an. I wish him and all Muslims prosperity and success. May Allah protect him.Please ,if any one has his photo, he would send it. With best regards. Hany

  8. Mashallah sheikh khaled al qahtani has such a beautiful voice which made me cry, may Allah grant him the highest of heavens and protect him from all evil ameen.