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Biography of Jamaan Alosaimi

His full name is Jamaan Bin Mahmoud Alosaimi. He received his general education in the public schools of “Riyadh” in Saudi Arabia, in which he was also able to memorize the holy Quran. Once he reached the first year of his secondary education, he began the Imamate in several mosques, until he become an Imam in 1986 in “Ibn Al Qayim Al Jouziya” mosque in “Al Mastaf” district in Riyadh.

Sheikh Jamaan moved after that between multiple mosques in Riyadh, and after four years, he moved to “Imam Al Daawa” mosque in 1990 where he was appointed as an official Imam. He moved after that to “Riyad Al Salihin” mosque in “Al Mourouj” district to work as an Imam and a preacher for 10 years.

Starting from 2008, he settled in the new mosque “Dar Al Ouloum” in “Al Falah” district in Riyadh, and he is currently an Imam and a preacher in the King Fahd’s mosque, one of the most famous and big mosques in Riyadh.

Also, Sheikh Jamaan Alosaimi was certified according to Hafs and Choaba Aan Assem Al Koufi’s recitation methods under the supervision of the reciter Mahmoud Sakar Aen Muhammad Abdullah Al Iskandarani.