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Biography of Ibrahim Al-Jibrin

Ibrahim Al-Jibrin

His full Name is Ibrahim Bin Saad Bin Abdullah Al Jibrin, but he was mostly known by Ibrahim Al Jibrin. He is a Saudi Quran reader and an Imam, born in 1392 on the Hijri calendar in the West of Riyadh in « Al Quwaiya».

Sheikh Ibrahim Al Jibrin received his primary and secondary education in his hometown « Al Quwaiya », and he fully completed the memorization of the Holy Quran during his secondary education.

After that, he was able to earn a certificate from the department of Sunnah in the faculty of Osool Edin « islamic foundations » in the islamic university of « Imam Muhammad Bin Saud » during the school year “1419- 1420”. Sheikh Ibrahim Al Jibrin received later on his Master degree; and his master’s theses topic was named “Aspirations in the Quran and Sunnah: advantages and disadvantages”.

Sheikh Ibrahim Al Jibrin was an Imam in several mosques, including mosque “Ibn Qudaamah Al Maqdisi” in the hijri year 1410, Mosque “Al Shuhadaa”, mosque “Sheikh Ibn Al Baaz” in “Shubra”, mosque “Sheikh Abdul Razzaq Afifi” in 1426, and Mosque “Al Amira Al Aanoud” in the year 1427.

Sheikh Ibrahim Al Jibrin is married, and he is the father of four children.


  1. AsSalamu Alaykum SIR.Congratulations for being the best qari of quran, I am excited that your work is representative of the arab universities. I applaud him for all of his hard work. Every day, teachers like Ibrahim Gebreen make an impact on STUDENTS that can last a lifetime, we must support their hard work and efforts.
    Khalid Mahmood
    Ph.D Scholar
    Beijing Normal University,China

  2. I heard this sheikh first time when i was barely 14..but i didnt know the name..i kept looking..cudnt get the last verses of maryam out of my head.. took me years,,,listening to every shiekhs maryam until finally found him..may Allah accept him..his tilawah ignites fire in heart..

  3. Mashallah. This brother has to be amongst the 10 great Qaris of this century. Very unique and powerfull recitation ( surah MARYAM).A great and beautiful voice that can really penetrate deep inside your body and soul. Subhanallah keep up the good work my brother.

  4. Assalamu Alaikum.
    Your voice is so melodious and i really like it.
    May Allah Continue to bless u and shower his mercy upon you.
    I really follow many reciters and frankly, you are one of thouse who really touched my emotions.
    Mohammed Awal

  5. I am surprised nobody wrote anything about this qari. He is so good and the way he recites you can feel the quran ayat penetrating your heart.....there are many emotional recitations by him on You tube...check it out...it is really out of this world

  6. I'm loving the harmony's from this Imaam. He may be less popular than other imaams but he is just as good, all praises are due to Allah for his amazing voice and may Allah increase our iman by reading and understanding the quran. Amen v_v.

  7. Mashallah.. He is the best reciter...
    I like his qirat very much..
    Many times he will be emotional while reciting Quran kareem.. but I don't know where he lives ??
    Can any one give me the info of this imam Ibrahim Al-Jibreen?

  8. May Allah bless this great reciter.
    I really love his way of reciting and his soft and melodious voice.
    I first listening his recitation here in this site. May Allah reward those who work behind this lovely site - Ameen

  9. Assalamu Alaikum.... Mashallah..
    he is very important reciter...and we love him too much!!
    We miss Muslims union as well as Ottomans..
    many greetings from Turkey to all muslims..
    halil islambol

  10. my best qari he might not be famous but as for me i rate him best.his Bioghraphy is limited i would appreciate alot of his recitation will be uploaded.