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Biography of Hussein Al-Sheikh

Hussein Al-Sheikh

He is one of the imams and preachers of Saudi Arabia who grew up seeking knowledge and who have dedicated their lives to share what they have learned with people. That’s Sheikh Hussein Bin Abdul Aziz bin Hussein bin Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh.

Sheikh Hussein bin Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh was born in Bani Tamim, Saudi Arabia, in a family descended from Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab bin Suleiman Al Musharraf Tamimi, who is considered as one of the people who renewed Islam “Mujaddid” in the middle east and he was a worthy successor to the best predecessor by seeking knowledge since his childhood.

He believed that the judiciary system in the Islamic countries was inspired from the teachings of Islam. In fact, Sheikh Hussein bin Abdul Aziz coupled the study of Shari’a with the study of law, as he joined the faculty of Shari’a in the Saudi capital “Riyadh”, after the completion of middle and high school. After graduating, he joined the Higher Institute of the Judiciary and he obtained a master's degree with honors, with a thesis titled “the judgment of the limits in the Islamic Shari’a” as well as a doctorate thesis titled “the Fikh bases of the Islamic advocacy”.

Sheikh Hussein bin Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh was taught by numerous Sheikhs, such as Sheikh Abdullah Al Jibrin and Sheikh Abdul Aziz Dawood in terms of Fikh and Hadeeth, along with Sheikh Abdullah Ghadian concerning the rules of Fikh and some other lessons.

After graduating, Sheikh Hussein Al Sheikh gave several lessons in Fikh, Tawheed and Hadeeth in the mosques of Riyadh, and then he was appointed as a lieutenant in the Hijry year 1406, and as a judge in 1411 at the High Court of the city of Najran. In 1412, he was transferred to the High Court in the capital Riyadh, and remained there for six years before being transferred to the Grand Court of the city of Medina.

In the same context, Sheikh Hussein was appointed as an imam and a preacher in the Prophet's Mosque in Medina. And besides that, he issued a collection of researches related to Islam.