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Biography of Emad Al Mansary

His full name is Sheikh Emad Bin Muhammad Al Mansary, also known as Abou Hudaifa Al Madani. He is a Saudi Quran reader and an Islamic singer, and he is currently taking charge of the Imamate of “Al Kaoutar” mosque in Jeddah.

Sheikh Emad Al Mansary is known as one of the finest Quran readers in Saudi Arabia at the present time, and that’s because of his calm and heartfelt voice. Many consider that his voice is the closest to the voice of the popular Sheikh Mishary Bin Rashid Al Afasi.

His journey with the holy Quran began during his high school period, as he used to attend regularly the Quranic memorization reunions in the mosque “Abdullah Bin Abbas” in “Al Rihab” district, Jeddah.

Sheikh Emad Al Mansary performed his first Imamate in “Taraweeh prayers” in 1414, and he was able to complete the Quranic closing during the holy month Ramadan in 1415, in “Al Haram Al Sharif”.

Sheikh Emad’s Quran reading was strongly influenced by several famous and outstanding Sheikhs in the Islamic world, such as: Sheikh Muhammad Siddiq Al Minshawi, Sheikh Saad Al Ghamidi, Sheikh Mishari Bin Rashid Al Aafasi, and others.

Besides that, he has several Quran reading recordings, most notably: the complete version of the recited Quran according to Hafs Aen Assem’s recitation method, and he has numerous recorded clips of his Imamate during “Taraweeh prayers” in “Al Kaoutar” mosque, and also his heart touching “Dua’as” from different occasions.

Along with his activity as a Quran reader, Sheikh Emad Al Mansary became one of the best Islamic singers, due to his sweet voice, under the name of “Abou Hudaifa Al Madani”.

Moreover, he has multiple Islamic songs that are available in the market, and on the internet, such us his famous song: “Al Halak”. He also has other songs, including: “Ya Malazi”, “Paradise lovers” or “Oushak Al Janan”, and also “Khoud Al Shawk”.