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Biography of Amir Al Mohalhal

Amir Al Mohalhal

The Saudi Quran reader Amir Al Mohalhal was attached to the holy Quran since his childhood, he grew up in the middle of a very conservative environment, which gave him the necessary support and encouragement to enter the field of Quran memorization and “Tajweed”. He graduated from the Islamic University of Imam Muhammad Bin Saud, and he obtained at the same time numerous recommendations from several Sheikhs and Quran readers concerning Hafs Aan Assem Al Koufi’s recitation method from Al Shatibiya. His qualifications and vocal talent made him a distinguished Quran reader and an experienced Imam whose position isn’t arguable anymore.

Amir Al Mohalhal, whose full name is Amir Bin Ahmad Bin Yahya Al Mohalhal, was born in 1405 Hijry, In Saudi Arabia. He grew up in a conservative family, so he turned to the holy Quran from an early age. He learned the Shari’a sciences under the hand of many Sheikhs and Scholars, and he boosted his educational path by graduating from the Institute of Shari’a, which is affiliated to the Imam Muhammad Bin Saud’s Islamic University in Jeddah. He is currently an Imam and a student in the high studies at the same University.

His love towards the holy Quran and towards the Quranic reading sciences and “Tajweed” led him to search more and to deepen his knowledge in those fields. As a result, he specialized in the Quranic readings according to Hafs Aan Assem Al Koufi’s recitation method from Al Shatibiya, to deserve by that, numerous recommendations from prominent Sheikhs such as Sheikh Sami Aid, Sheikh Sahel Bin Zin Yassine, and Sheikh Waleed Al Mesbahi and others.

At the practical level, Sheikh Amir Al Mohalhal has worked in the field of Imamate since an early age, as he held the Imamate of the “Taraweeh” prayers in the mosque of Bayta at the age of twelve years old only. He also worked as an Imam and as a preacher in numerous mosques In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, most notably the mosque of the King Faisal in Baghdadia, the mosque of Zayed Al Khair in Al Naim neighborhood, and the mosque of Oum Al Mouaeminin Khadija Bint Khuwailid in Al Zahra neighborhood and so on.

On the professional level, Sheikh Amir Al Mohalhal has worked in the field of teaching of the holy Quran, as he supervised several Quranic memorization workshops and gatherings in many governmental and private institutions. He worked as a teacher of Quran at the evening center in the mosque of Abdul Rahman Bin Auf in Jeddah, and in the first Quranic summer session at the Bara bin Azab’s mosque in Jeddah. Besides that, he participated in a lot of seminars and meetings, and he contributed with his Quranic recitations in several openings of local and national activities.