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Biography of Ahmed Al hodaifi

Ahmed Al hodaifi

Dr. Ahmed Bin Ali Bin Abdul Rahman Al Hodaifi is a Saudi Imam and Quran reciter, and he is the son of "Sheikh “Ali Al Hodaifi”.

Sheikh Ahmed Al Hodaifi is an Imam and a preacher in “Qubaa” mosque In Medina. He is also working in the committee of teaching at the “Islamic University” in Medina, in the Quran interpretation and sciences department.


  1. Maa Shaa Allah,Most beautiful Quran recitation , heart touching & really emotional.I love your voice & your father's voice also,so may Allah Subhanahu protect you & give you more and more.

  2. I love your voice and the way you recite the Quran with tajweed .Masha Allah!
    I wish you the best in this life and the life after.
    Assalamu alaikum.

  3. Masshalla....nice voice. May Allah Subhanahu protectect him. May live long.....you recite the Quran with nice tajweed .

  4. Alhamdhulillah i am very very happy because I am working in his office masjid AL nabavi madinah al munawwarah