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Biography of Abdulrahman Jamal Aloosi

Abdulrahman Jamal Aloosi

“What I love the most about my life is reading the holy Quran and praising it, and I hope the Almighty Allah will make it an argument for me and not against me in the judgment day”. This is how Sheikh Abdulrahman Bin Jamal Bin Abdulrahman Aloosi described himself, and he is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding Quran readers in Saudi Arabia.

Sheikh Abdulrahman Bin Jamal Aloosi was born on Wednesday, the fifth August 1981, in Saudi Arabia. And because of his immense love and appreciation for the holy book “Quran”, he studied the sciences of the Quran “Tilawat” or “recitation”, and he received a certification according to Hafs A'n Assem’s recitation method.

In the same context, Sheikh Abdulrahman Bin Jamal Aloosi worked as a professor and as an Imam in “Al Ikhlass” mosque, in “Al Khabar” city, in “Al Kournich” district, in Saudi Arabia.


  1. He has a unique voice as well as an obvious modesty and nobility. May Allah always protect him . Whenever I listen to him I say: "Mashaallah la kuvvete illa billah". May Allah make his face radiant on the doomsday.

  2. Mashallh! Alhamdulliah, Almighty Allah gave us the opportunity to listen to him recite Quran. How beautiful and mesmerizing!! May Allah bless him with a long, healthy and prosperous life.

  3. Maa Shaa Allah! May Allah increase Sheikh Aloosi's knowledge and grant him the benefit of the recitation.
    I pray Allah grant us similar or more of knowledge of the deen
    ameen yaa Allah!

  4. Mashaallah. He recites our holy Quran in the most beautiful way. May Allah grant him and his parents prosperity in earthly life and highest place in hereafter life. Ameen.

  5. Mashaa his voice is indeed a gift, he read the words the Lord of the Most High in the a very beautiful way. May Allah continue to Bless you Sheikh

  6. MashaAllah
    May Allah accept His parents efforts and sacrifices they made to raise this beautiful soul

  7. I love to hear your recitation of holy quran and i also want you to come kashmir. May allah bless you, aameen.

  8. Masha Allah most beautiful,memorizing and very emotional voice. May Allah reward him for all his efforts

  9. Masha Allah may Allah bless your effort and accept it from you. The whole muslim ummah is proud of you.