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Biography of Abdulmohsen Al Qasim

Abdulmohsen Al Qasim

His full name is Abdulmohsen Bin Muhammad Bin Abdurahman Al Qasim Al Quhtani; he was born in 1967 in Mecca and currently occupies the post of Imam and Khatib in the mosque Anabawi Al Sharif in parallel with the post of Judge in the Sharia Court in the Medina.

Shaykh Al Qasim grew up among a religious family and started his religious learning at a very young age and at the hands of a number of prominent Shaykhs such as the late Shaykh Abdullah Bin Hamid, Shaykh Saleh Bin Ali Nasser, Shaykh Abdulaziz Bin Baz and others.

Furthermore, Shaykh Al Qasim received a B.A from the religious University of Al Imam Muhammad Bin Saud, then a Master’s degree in comparative Fiqh from the Higher Institute of Justice from the same university in 1989. The Islamic preacher then concluded his academic course with a PhD from the same institute in Islamic Fiqh in 1992.

In addition to being an imam and judge, Shaykh Al Qasim occupied other important posts such as being a member of the jury of the International Quran competition and member of the jury of King Abdulaziz competition of Quran recitation.

Known for his eloquence, modesty, pleasant voice and his mastery of Quran recitation; a number of audio and video recordings are available containing shaykh Al Qasim Quranic recitations and Khutbah that have taken place at the Masjid Anabawi.

At last, the Islamic preacher published a number of religious books in Fiqh and Islam in general but also gives lessons after the prayer of Isha at the Masjid Anabawi.


  1. His reciting style is really influential, and that makes me ponder about the meaning of the " ayah". May Allah grant me a sweet voice like Mr.Muhsin's.I think everyone who has the ability to read the Glorious Quran should thank Allah for that because many people who have just converted to the Islam are striving to do so. With that purpose in mind,New Muslims sacrifice their time and money to learn reading in Arabic as well as anything about the Islam. So, let us devote a portion of our time to read the Quran and go deeply in seeking to learn more about our religion, Islam.

  2. Masha Allaah....Abdul Muhsin Al-qassim is my favourite recitor, May Allah's be upon him...
    It was April 2009 when i went Umra and joined several prayers leading by Abdul Muhsin...Really he is amazing, because of his long breathing system which enabled him to recite the verses faster than the other reciters....
    Insha Allah I hope I'll pray after him ....
    salam to all Ikhwah..

  3. Assalam!
    Alhamdu li'Lah quand je l’écoute lire le CORAN je suis tout simplement heureux !
    Puisse ALLAH lui accorder santé bonheur et prospérité.
    j'ai l'ai écoute pour la première fois à Médine je venais de la Mecque un samedi et j'ai suivi lors d'une prière. et depuis je suis accrochés à sa voix.
    je suis au Cameroun!

  4. Assalamu alikum
    i like Abdulmohsen al Qasim's recitation.
    He is famous reciter in saudi.
    His recitation is very attractive,fluance,famous.
    I saw recitation of him.
    I ask to reciter, how could u?
    I expect more recitation of you.
    at last i requasting to you
    pleas include me in your Duas.
    Assalamu alaikum

  5. Assalam o walaikum to all brothers and sisters,
    First time i heard him in 2008 when i went for haj...jumma prayers, Allah have given him the sweetest voice in the world, its really heartbreaking to listen live in masjid e nabawi.....
    Allah keep in good health
    safdar from dubai

  6. O Allah i love this sheik for your sake.. give him a long life and excellent health and give me many opportunities to pray behind him... possibly the rest of my life.. Ameen... Truly amazing reciting style its effortless yet so perfect..

  7. I think al qasim is one of the best riciters in the world. and he is also the imam of the prophets mosque.The thing I like about him is how he reads fast. and his voice is really good and unique. he reads teraweeh really nicely.

  8. I was a fan of him before goimg to umrah in 2012, and after I prayed behind him 23 times in 5 days, my love to his voice increased much. Now when I listen to his recitations, I miss him and those days near Rasulullah (saw).

  9. Salaam.Mashallaah. i read taraweeh behind him this past ramadhaan. it was totally AMAZING!...can't wait to hear him live again!aameen!..
    was salaam to all out there.
    From H.E.
    South Africa