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Biography of Abdul Bari Ath Thobaity

Abdul Bari Ath Thobaity

Abdul Bari Ath Thobaity is a Saudi Qur’an reciter, he was born in Makkah in 1380 Hijri.

Abdul Bari Ath Thobaity graduate in Sciences from The King Fahd Abdul Aziz’s University of Jeddah in 1405 Hijri. Soon after, he enrolled in the Oum Al Qora University for a high degree in Shariaa that he earned with honors in 1409 followed by a Master, in 1415, from Shariaa’s Faculty of the same university.

Abdul Bari Ath Thobaity worked as teacher and Qur’an memorizer while he was still 19. He also supervised some Qur’an memorizing sessions in Jeddah.

In 1397, Abdul Bari Ath Thobaity was proposed by the Holy Qur’an Memorization Association of Makkah to lead prayers during Ramadan in one Islamic center in the United Kingdom.

the Qur’an Memorizing competition hold in Makkah in 1399. He also has been imam of the Holy Mosque before moving to Madinah Munawara.

Since the late 1414, Abdul Bari Ath Thobaity has participated in prayers of the Prophets Mosque as imam and preacher.


  1. Subhana'Allah, this reciter is till today my very best reciters. It's a wonderful gift from Allah to be able to have his entire recitation and being able to listen to it. Because there was a time I could only listen to one Surah of his recitation.
    This was surah Al-Anam back in 1993 at it was on cassette player. And it helped me with the memorization of that surah. But now his entire recitation Alhamduli'Allah. Baaraka'Allahu feekum.

  2. Assalaamualaikum,
    What a humble and clear way of reciting Allaah's words. Maasha'Allaah Allaah keep this reciter safe and well Aameen..
    I was abroad last year, and heard the sheikh's recitation. And hoped to find it again. Very natural and pure from the heart..
    Insha'Allaah I read Quran just in such fassion and all reciters recite with the same humble and natural sounds..
    May Allaah accept. Aameen