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Biography of Abdul Mohsen Al-Obeikan

Abdul Mohsen Al-Obeikan

The reciter Sheikh Abdel Mohsen Al Obeikan is one of the few multi-talented Scholars, as he is an Imam, a preacher, a reciter, and a researcher in his religion. He is also known for his bold stands that made the Saudi authorities stop him from appearing on TV channels earlier.

Abdel Mohsen Bin Nasser Bin Abdulrahman Al Obeikan Al Omran was born in the Saudi Arabia in the Hijry year 1372. He grew up and studied in “Al Taif” city until his high school year, as he joined the University of Shari’a in Riyadh, after spending several months in the University of Shari’a in Mecca.

Sheikh Abdel Mohsen Al Obeikan was schooled by several Sheikhs, including Sheikh Muhammad Makhdoum Al Bukhari and Sheikh Muhammad Sukar concerning the rules of “Tajweed”, and then Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hamid. Alongside with the Sheikhs, he considered the books an important source of knowledge, as he was fond of them and he used them to research in various fields, especially about the Quranic readings.

Sheikh Abdel Mohsen was familiar with the Imamate since his childhood, as his father used to give him the opportunity to make the Athan or to take the Imamate inside his mosque. Yet, he didn’t officially penetrate this field up until his college years, as he was appointed as an Imam and a preacher in his uncle Mohammad Bin Abdulrahman Al Obeikan’s mosque, and then as an Imam and a preacher in “Al Jawhara” mosque in Riyadh.

Besides being an Imam, Sheikh Abdel Mohsen held several positions, as he was appointed as a judiciary lieutenant at the high court in Riyadh in 1395, before becoming an exception judge, then a judge at the high court in the same city. Lastly, he was appointed as an inspector at the Ministry of Justice in 1413.

In the same context, Sheikh Abdel Mohsen Al Obeikan served as an advisor at the ministry of Justice, and he was a member in the Shura council. He also practiced the profession of teaching at the higher Institute of Judiciary and in numerous mosques.

In the Hijry year 1430, he was appointed as a consultant in the Royal Diwan with a rank of ministers. However, he was relieved of that position three years apart from the appointment.

Sheikh Mohsen has enriched the Arabic library with many books, such as the book “Khawarij and the renewed thought” and “Khawarij Al ASR” and other writings. He also contributed in the field of media through the publication of press articles, and the animation of programs through Saudi channels.

Several Sheikhs graduated under his supervision, including Sheikh Abdullah Al Yahya, Sheikh Abdulrahman Al Waadan and Sheikh Ahmed Al Mazrouae.