Biography of Saleh Al Maghamsi

Saleh Al Maghamsi

Sheikh Saleh Al Maghamsi is a Saudi daai’a. He was born in Al Madina Al Monawara in Saudi Arabia. He grew up in Madina where he made his entire education, including his postgraduate studies. He was graduated in Arabic language and Islamic studies at the King Abdul Aziz University. Then, he decided to study the Islam’s religion in mosques, and was taught by a number of shoyoukh, like Sheikh Mohammed Attia Salem, Abu Bakr Aljazairi, Saleh Mohammed Ibn Othaymeen, and Ibn Baaz.

After he finished his university studies and religious education, he had a number of positions and responsibilities. He was a professor at the Teachers University, and worked as a Khatib in the King Abdulaziz mosque for several years, before being assigned as a lecturer in the Imams and Khotaba Top Institute in Taibah University since 2009. He also works as director of the Studies and researches Center in Al Madina al Monawara.

The Sheikh Saleh Al Maghamsi’s fame, his proficiency with the Arabic language rules, and his Quran wide knowledge led him to voluntarily give a weekly lesson in the Quran interpretation in the Qubba mosque in Madina Al mounawara, where he worked as an Imam and Khatib in 2006. He also animates and presents many television programs on Arab satellite channels, like “Mahassin Attaâwil (the interpretation virtues)” program, "Kattouf Dania (hanging near clusters)" series and "Al-makan Al-amin (the safe place)" program and “Tarikh Al fiqh Al Islami (The Islamic jurisprudence history)” program.

The sheikh Saleh repertory includes many recorded voice lessons and speeches about the Prophet Biography, the Quraan sciences and interpretation and Al Aquidah “creed”, and other religious domains, related to his scientific specialization field, and his linguistic and religious qualifications. These records are broadcasted on satellite television and radio and on Internet.


  1. Ma shaa allah in my opinion I can see from his way of talking and from his voice that he has a very high imaan ma shaa allah

  2. may allah bless you and your whole family and may allah give all of us paradise and you are one of my favorite sheikh.