Biography of Ahmad AlShugairi

Ahmad AlShugairi

A TV Program Director and Animator in Saudi Arabian TV, he studied in the U.S and lived there for a while, he was influenced by the occidental culture and was about to opt for it, but his return to his homeland changed his ideology, and he decided to change his old bad habits and review his perception about Islam.
His dream was to give a renaissance to the Islamic Nation by the resurgence of its youth, benefiting from the experiences of the occidental world which wasn’t something wrong. This is of course the Saudi Arabian Ahmed AlShugairi who is known with his famous TV show “Khawatir”, which is broadcasted in MBC Channel.

Ahmed Al Shugairi was born in the 17th of July 1973 in the Saudi Arabian city Jeddah, thanks to the financial capacity of his family, he was able to study in U.S and get a Master degree in business administration field from the University of California, Berkeley.

During his residence in the U.S, Ahmed Al Shugairi had a personality completely different in comparison of what we know about him, according to his confession he stopped praying for a while, and was addicted to cigarettes for 2 years.

After his graduation, and according to his affection to his homeland and charity work, he returned back to Saudi Arabia and established a private firm structured as commercial company but its purpose was purely charity.

In Parallel, he started studying the Islamic Sharia, his colleague Sheikh Adnan Zahrani participated a lot in changing his wrong understanding of Islam as he explained him the tolerance and openness of Islam and showed him that all the good values which the occidental are trying to spread among their societies have been applied by Islam for more than 1000 years. As a result Ahmed loved Islam more, and decided to reawaken the Arabic and Islamic world.

So Ahmed AlShugairi started his first steps in TV in 2002, as he participated in a TV Show called “Let’s Go Boys”, which targeted the Arabic teenagers, throughout he discussed their problems and how to treat them, then the Idea of “Khawater” show hit his mind, which was the beginning of his fame.

Before that, Ahmed Al Shugairi faced some difficulties with MBC Managers to broadcast the “Khawatir of Youth” show during Ramadan in which he wanted to communicate with the youth in a modern and a practical ways and urging them to read, by highlighting that the first word sent by God to Muslims is “Read”, he was also looking for solutions of common problems in the Islamic world.

Ahmed Al Shugairi achieved his goal and was able to put on place his TV show “Khawater” which succeeded remarkably in the years that came after, then he was opened up to a variety of subjects which targeted the building of a typical world that can establish the patriotism inside the Muslims and in a sincerity manner, he was also looking for the appropriate way to stand against the corruption that the Arabic world is suffering from, in order to resurrect the great civilization of Muslims and get back their lost glory.

The Ideas of Ahmed Al Shugairi interested the Arab public, and succeeded remarkably, as his program “Khawater” has achieved the 10th season in 2014, especially after making its episodes in a number of Arabic and Occidental countries where he gave concrete examples of his Ideology. As a result of this great work, he was nominated the most influencing leader in the Arabic world.

Ahmed Al Shugairi possesses a number of TV programs, such as “If he was among us” in which he explained how to take the prophet Mohamed as a real example in our daily life, plus another show called “Trip” which he presented with the Sheikh Hamza Youssef.

In addition to his TV programs, he was the author of many books like “Khawater”,”My trip with Ghandi”, and what is remarkable is that Ahmed earns his life from his own private firm while the rest of his revenue sources (TV Programs, and books…) goes to charity.

From a personal perspective, the first marriage of Ahmed Al Shugairi didn’t succeed while the second one with Rola Dashisha did and with whom he had two boys; Youssef and Ibrahim.


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  1. Assalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters in Islam. I have to compliment the program as well. But I was very concerned when a comment advised that we should throw everything back. I have to say, that after living for 43 years, 24 of which are in the States, every thing we throw back the others take. Not going to sing about the glorious past, even though I can, but the sciences today witness what we threw back. The social sciences also testify to all that we as Muslims threw back and how we had to cling to all things that are western, which seems to be what they are throwing back because it was tried and did not work for them. We as muslims have the guarantee from the one who spoke not of his own whims, who said in so many words"I left among you that which if you hold on to you will never go astray, the book of Allah and my Sunnah". We should take that promise seriously and if anything needs to be thrown back is what we learned from the west.

  2. allsalam alikom dear readers :). it s with great pleasure and honor that we see a such man AHMED allah jazih bekher, made a huge creative work from a scratch ,with no resourceses but only his sharp observation of the western civilization. so the question here :where is the error ,is it from us ,arabs, or our rulers???? I think it s from both .we need to say no and yes to our rulers we should not ignore our rights we should not say I don't care if they throw garabage in ocean or no I should stop poisoning our minds through the media and so we should know how to criticize in a positive way by this way our rulers will think many times before talking to us and think many times before doing any thing to our countries because those rulers are just a workers for us at last . wassalm akhok men usa :) please share with me ,thanks

  3. Thank you for the great program and effort put . I'd like to add one thing though, which perhaps u can discuss in the future: as a youth watching all the mess in our society and in the arab world and seeing no improvment or development towards human rights over all the 29years I've lived.. Don't u think we have the right to throw back all our beliefs and lessons taught in religion classes at school.. And loose every hope to strive for a good life for our children. In other words we have all the right to let go,immigrate and leave behind all this.. And try to make a good future with the little good lessons we have left from our culture and religion.

  4. Assalam aaalaykum, Iwatched Khwater this year with my family, we were all very impressed by the program, my kids are (19, 16, 11) they were born in the states and barely watch arabic tv, except for resaleh, & this year every thing excel. but the program everybody waited for was khawater, thanks A LOT for the effort. today the boys went to school, and they were so happy because the teachers were giving examples from khawater. I forgot to mention that we live in Damascus, Syria now. Thanks again and jazak Allah khair

  5. I did not imagine that Japan is like you mentioned in your program in Ramadan this year "Khawater". But when I visited Japan in October on a personal visit, I was and still am impressed. Actually, I can not express my feelings about it, but I can say that it is a great country with the greatest people! I hope we can learn from this country. I hoped your program about Japan will affect the Arabic people on positive side. Hope you and your team all the success.

  6. Assalamu alaika my brother in allah.i just want to say thank you so mush for your program khawater i learnt so so much from this prog.bye