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Biography of Mustafa Ismail

Mustafa Ismail

One of the most known Quran readers in Egypt. Sheikh Mustafa Ismail was born in June 17, 1905 in the small village of “Mit Ghazal” in the center of “Tanta” in “Al Gharbiya” governorate.

Sheikh Mustafa Ismail was able to complete the memorization of the Holy Quran in his village at the age of twelve years old, and then he joined “Al Ahmadi” mosque in “Tanta” to master the sciences of Quran readings and “Tajweed”. Sheikh “Mohamed Refaat” had predicted for him a very bright future after having listened to his “Tilawat” and reading methods.

At first, Sheikh Mustafa Ismail became famous in all parts of “Al Gharbiya” province and neighboring provinces before one of his friends advised him to go to “Cairo” to try his luck there. He also had the chance to recite the holy Quran in a big celebration due to the absence of Sheikh “Abdelfatah Al Shaashai”.

Sheikh Mustafa Ismail was appointed as a reader of the Holy Quran in the royal palace during the reign of Farouk I, and thanks to that, he became famous in various Arab and Muslim countries.

Sheikh Mustafa Ismail passed away on Friday, 12 December, 1978.


  1. Sheikh Mustapha Ismail was the undisputed leader of the Quran reciters. There is no dispute that Sheikh Mustapha Ismail was the best reciter of the Holy Quran the world had seen. The world may dispute who comes second to him. His rendition of the Quran in all the styles is inimitably beautiful, natural and without sanctimonious affectations, tear-drawing for its unpredictability, and coming from, and hitting, the heart—always. May he be enveloped in the eternal embrace of the everlastingness of Allah’s special grace.

  2. This is one of the classic reciters. Lots of reciters from Egypt have tried to imitate, but his voice is one that none can imitate. Mashallah, may the Glorified Allah the All Mighty Make his grave a place of peace and May Allah the Bestower do the same for me and my dear parents.

  3. No one like Mustafa Ismael since recordings became common place. No one can escape his established style. He can put a verse in many perspectives for us. I wish Islamic world would pay as much attention in promoting Arabic language.