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  1. He is the best reciter definitely,indeed his recitation touches, influences and very clear. A reciter you can listen and listen, he makes me love the book, the holy Quran. I am now thinking flying to Egypt specifically to be lead prayer by sheikh Mustapha Al Lahouni. I also like Sheikh Muaeqly and clearly the two men were sent for this purpose. Their reading style is one and is beyond normal. Let me take this opportunity to ask the Arab king to nominate him to be one of the Imam of Makka. May Allah help the sheikh, may Allah grant him Firdaus, equal important may Allah grant all the litseners including I the same level of paradise. May the Islamic World expand.

  2. subhanallah,i can't say and i don't have words to express wat i feel while listening to quran ,recited by mustapha or some other person,,
    I thank god for make me listening quran and am also thankful to the person who has done such great job by giving us all this info

  3. I loved his recitation. Very beautiful. The Holy Quran is the most beatiful and the most blessed thing that The Almighty has given us. and He gave us the beautiful tone to recite it. I bow my haed to Almighty.

  4. Mashallah good recitation of holy quran may Allah give hem janatull ferdowus inshalllah
    i hope these HAFIZ (qari) want to learn with tajweed they must be visit this site its very usefull for all muslim

  5. An inspirational reciter. May Allah protect my little nephew who showed me this Sheikh. May Allah give this Sheikh and my little nephew the highest Paradise.

  6. The best Al-Saaffat reading I've ever heard. What a wonderful spiritual and artistic voice! Al-Lahooni is one of my favourite readers. Jazakah allah Kheir.