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Biography of Ahmed Saber

Ahmed Saber

Sheikh Ahmed Saber is currently considered as one of the best Quran readers and Imams in Egypt. He was born in a very religious family, which was deeply influenced by the rules of the holy Quran, its approaches and its lessons. His grandfather was the village’s Sheikh and he was teaching the Quran and its sciences to the youngsters, he spent his whole life worshiping the almighty Allah and teaching the emerging generations the Quran until he passed away at the age of a hundred and twenty years.

Sheikh Ahmed Saber’s relationship with the Quran began at an early age, as he used to go to his grandfather’s village every summer. He and his siblings used to gather around his grandfather in order to memorize the holy Quran and to learn the basics and the rules of the Quranic recitation.

As time went by, Sheikh Ahmed Saber started to show his interest towards the holy Quran. And as a result of his good performance and his mastery of the Quranic recitation rules, he was able to draw the attention of his teachers. At the age of 8 years old, his teachers were constantly asking him to recite the holy Quran in front of them and the students; as they used to gather around him and listen carefully to his heartfelt recitation. Besides that, Ahmad Saber used to recite the Quran and the holy “Hadeeth” at his school’s radio.

Sheikh Ahmed Saber memorized the holy Quran at the age of twelve years old, and he was pointedly affected by it and by its contents until he made it his lifestyle. Moreover, Ahmed Saber has several recordings of the Quran, most notably his recitation according to Hafs Aen Assem’s method of recitation.