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Biography of Hesham Abdelbary

His full name is Hesham Abdelbary Muhammad Rajeh, one of the Egyptian Quran reading stars. He was born in 1980 in Egypt, and he grew up on learning the holy Quran and memorizing it, as his family was a very religious one. He joined the Quranic School of his grandfather in order to memorize the Quran, before joining his father Abdelbary Muhammad in order to live with him in Jordan, as he used to work as an Imam and a preacher in a mosque there.

In Jordan, his father completed what his grandfather started, as he helped him finish the memorization of the holy Quran and he helped him meet several Sheikhs such as the scholar Sheikh Muhammad Nasser Al Albani.

During his educational path, Sheikh Hesham obtained a “Tajweed” certification from the Institute of Quranic readings in Alexandria. He was also studying with other sheikhs who descend from our prophet PBUH, like Sheikh Oum Saad, Sheikh Abdelhamed Mansur, and Sheikh Muhammad Sukar. Besides that, he worked as an Imam in “Muslim” mosque in Alexandria before devoting his time to teaching the Quranic reading sciences and to the Imamate of “Oum Al Mouaeminin Aisha” mosque in the same city.

It is noteworthy to say that Sheikh Hesham Abdelbary obtained the first place in the competition of Quran memorization that was held in Jordan, and he also authored a book under the title of: “The Umpires Minutes in the outlets and attributes and the related judgments and assignments”.