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Biography of Hassan Saleh

Hassan Saleh

Sheikh Hassan Saleh was known for some people by his sad and dewy voice ; while others considered his voice to be soft and glowy. Between this opinion and that, Sheikh Hassan Saleh remains one of the most outstanding readers in Egypt, who is distinguished by the uniqueness of his readings of the holy Quran.

Hassan Mohammed Saleh was born in the Arabic Republic of Egypt, precisely in « Mahmudiya » lake province. He fell in love with the holy Quran and decided to learn its recitation methods.
To do so, he joined the institute of « Readings » where he studied the « Ten Readings » of the Quran.

After that, he attended the Quranic sciences faculty and graduated with « appreciation ».

Following his graduation, Sheikh Hassan Saleh was appointed imam and preacher at the Islamic Center in New York ; where he gained the admiration and the appreciation of the worshipers who attended the center, and that’s because of his unique and docile voice.


  1. Masha'Allah - Strong and harmonious voice. You come to realize and appreciate the beauty of the Quranic language and its flawless rhythm and construction by listening to the recitations of this Qari, and all others on this site and across the world. One must only open his/her heart to the Quran to be blissfully overtaken by Allah's words.

  2. Beautiful recitation. I had the honor to listen to him in person at his Masjid and the Quran sounds even more melodious close up. He also is a very nice person with a good personality. May Allah grant him and us Jannat ul Firdous. Ameen.