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Biography of Al Ashry Omran

Al Ashry Omran

His name is Sheikh Dr. Al Ashry Omran Abu Ayoub Al Fizaari. He is an Imam and a preacher at the Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf, and he is a member of the “Islamic Legitimate Body of Rights and Reformation”. He is currently working in Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz’s mosque, in Badr city.

Sheikh Al Ashry Omran was born in the village of “Fizara”, in “Al Maragha”, in the province of “Sohag”, Egypt. He received his primary education in the village school, where he also obtained his middle school certification. After that, he moved to the institute “Juhaina Al Azhari”, where he received his high school degree. Later on, he joined the faculty of “Islamic Da’wa” in Cairo, where he obtained his license. He also graduated from the department of Islamic culture in “Al Da’wa” University, where he also received his masters and his doctorate degree in 2011.

Sheikh Al Ashry didn’t complete the memorization of the Quran until his first year of the University. He was known for his beautiful and sweet voice in the Quran recitation, and he also mastered “Ousoul Al Tajweed”. He has proved his competence by reading the whole Quran under the supervision of Sheikh Dr. Abas Al Masri may Allah’s mercy be upon him, and he was certified according to Hafas Aen Assem’s and Shuaba Aen Assem’s recitation methods.

Sheikh Omran was appointed by the Egyptian ministry of Awqaf as an Imam and a preacher in 2001. Then he moved to several mosques, starting from “Al Sadiq” mosque in “Al Sheraton” residences where he worked for four years, to end up working in “Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz’s” mosque in Badr city where he currently lives. It is said that he was expelled from “Al Sadiq” mosque because he stood up hard against wrong things and infractions.

Sheikh Al Ashry was known for being a Salafi in his beliefs, and also for his strong asceticism and renunciation that involves detachment towards “life”, as he refused several top management positions offered by the Ministry of Awqaf, preferring to concentrate on his advocacy in the mosques and elsewhere.

He has a rich library of audio, visual and written recordings and publications, including a full recorded Quran, several speeches, and lessons. He also has numerous Islamic writings that haven’t been printed yet, mostly in a manuscript form, like: His master’s theses “the relationship between the preachers in the modern era and its impact on Da’wa movement” and his doctorate theses “Habits from the book Ihya of Imam Al-Ghazali: an advocacy and critical study”. He also finished the explanation of “Riyadh Al Salihin”, and he used to seek the explanation of Sheikh Uthaymeen, and Sheikh Al Imam Al Nawawi.