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Biography of Aid Hassan Abu Aachra

Aid Hassan Abu Aachra

Aid Hassan Sayed Ahmad Abu Aachra, who is known by Aid Hassan Abu Aachra, is born in 1977 in the Egyptian village “Oum Dinar” and he was able to memorize the holy Quran at an early age, as he was under 9 years old.

Throughout his educational path, he remained faithful to the Quranic studies, as he obtained a certification in the “Tajweed” in 1933 from the Institute of Quran readings. He also received a high certification in the Quran readings and its sciences in 2003 from the holy Quran Institute of readings and Quranic sciences.

Besides that, he obtained several certifications, such as Hafs Aan Assem’s certification under the supervision of Sheikh Abdul Hakim Abdullatif Abdullah Al Masri, as well as the “Ten readings” certification from Sheikh Salah Eddine Al Tijani Al Hassani.

In parallel with working as a teacher of the Quran, its sciences and its reading in “Al Azhar” institute, he works as an Imam in the Egyptian “shooting club” mosque and in “Mustafa Mahmoud” mosque.