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Biography of Abdallah Kamel

Abdallah Kamel

Sheikh Abdallah Kamel is one of the geniuses in the field of recitation « Tilawat » of the holy Quran and is considered as a very skilled and respected imam in Egypt.

Thanks to his heartfelt and sincere Quran reading, the surroundings of the mosque where he prays is always crowded due to the large numbers of people who appreciate his voice.

God promised to compensate his patient servants from whom he took a blessing. Sheikh Abdallah Ahmed Kamel is the perfect exemple due to the loss of the gift of sight since his birth in 1985. Yet, he was blessed with a melodious and angelic voice that makes every listener cry.

As the Holy prophet said : « the blind is not the one who lost sight, but the one who lost awareness ». Sheikh Abdallah Kamel was able to memorize the whole Quran since his childhood by using « Louis Braille » system. And besides that, he joined the faculty of  « Dar Al Uloom » in «Al  Fayoum » university, in which he graduated in 2005. In addition to that, he won the first place in « Mizmar Al Dawud” competition on the “FAJR” tv channel.

Many imams and readers admit that Sheikh Abdallah Kamel has a sweet and unique voice. He worked as an Imam for « Taraweeh » prayers in « Al Haadiqa » in Badr Al Islami’s mosque ; where he also preached a lesson every week at the same mosque. Besides that, he was appointed as a speaker in a mosque in “Al Kiman”.

Sheikh Abdallah Kamel worked in the field of religious media, where he had a television show on « Al Rahma » channel called « Nabadat Al Shaeir » or « the Poet pulses » ; As well as participating in the presentation of a television show called « Almuqri'at” on « Al Nass » channel, and also giving several lessons on « Al Rahma » channel.


  1. I am not a Muslim, but the recitation of Sheikh Abdallah Kamel brought tears even to my eyes. Something within me stirred as I listened to his recitation moving me to tears. May Allah bless him with all His Bountiful Blessings. Truly blessed to hear such beautiful heart moving recitation.

  2. allahu akbar! allahu akbar! May Allah strengthen us through hearing his story, for he did so much, while many elements made it hard for him. What excuse do we have? May Allah increase this ummah. Allahuma ameen <3

  3. May Allah Give Him long live.
    It is absulty heart touching Telawat.
    I pray for my self to reach him and becom his student. Ya Allah accept my Dua.

  4. May Allah keep blessing on So Sweet man. I really enjoy Tilawat e Quran By Abdullah Kamel. ALLAH may reward him with best of Mercy.

  5. Which city is the mosque located where he is the imam? I want to visit there. Subhanallah recitation from the heart.