Ramadan 2024 on Assabile

The website assabile.com wishes you a happy Ramadan for the year 2024/1445. God makes this holy month for all of us the opportunity to get closer to him and to win over "Hassanate" by prayers and Quran.

Our site offers a special Ramadan section you can consult during the whole holy month. This section provides practical information such as the date of beginning of Ramadan 2024/1445 in several countries and the date of the end of Ramadan, which corresponds to the date of Eid Al Fitr.

You will find articles that give information on the month of Ramadan, its benefits, its objective, etc.. You can also check schedules of prayer during this holy month and learn special recipes of Ramadan.

And as usual enjoy the richness of our site to listen to the Quran through the readings of our different reciters and to watch the many dourous we propose to learn more about Islam. Happy Ramadan 2024 to all!

Written by: Ali Youssef

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