Date of the end of ramadan and Eid ul Fitr 2024/1445 in Oman

Eid Al Fitr in Oman is distinguished by its special habits and different rituals that begin in the night of doubt. The families gather in their homes and in public places to know the first day of the Eid through the local news, as they share their happiness in the Eid’s eve by praising and glorifying Allah, while the women are using Henna in their hands and feet. In the morning of the Eid, the Omanis go to the mosques in order to pray the Eid prayer and to listen to the speech. After that, they go to their homes to reunite with the family and to share the breakfast that consists usually on Dates, Tea, and Sweets such as “Al Tarcha”, “Al Haris”, “Al Tarid”, and so on…

At noon, they eat “Al Aarsia”, which is a dish that consists on rice and meat or chicken. Also, Omanis visit their families and neighbors during this holy occasion, as they also bring happiness to the hearts of their children by buying new clothes and gifts.

In fact, it is an Omani tradition to wear traditional clothes that reflects the Omani culture and rich heritage, as the men wear “Al Dashdasha” and “Al Masr” that is worn on the head, and an Omani dagger, while carrying sticks, guns and swords in their hands to express manliness. As for women, they wear traditional costumes that vary according to the regions and they wear jewelry.

In some regions, people welcome the Eid with chants, such as “Al Razha”, “Al Razfa”, with sword entertainment fights, as well as reading poems that praises about the Eid and Oman.

Regarding the control of the Helal in Oman, it’s the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs that supervises this mission, as their members meet in the night of doubt to make a statement about the first day of Eid, after the “Maghreb” prayer of the 29th Ramadan.

Based on initial reports, it is likely that the Eid 2024/1445 in Oman will correspond to the 10 April 2024 with one day of difference.

Our website will immediately announce the date of the Eid 2024/1445 once the competent authorities share the information.

Assabile website wishes you a happy Eid, with the warmest congratulations, May Allah be with you and with your loved ones.

Written by: Amine Hilal

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