Date of the first day of Ramadan 1445/2024 in Saudi Arabia

Across the world, Muslims used to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan through a number of religious and cultural rituals which reflect their cultural diversity and spiritual identity. In this vein, the form of Ramadan celebrations differs from a country to another without affecting the crux of islamic basics such as praying and fasting which remain unchanged.

Accordingly, and unlike other Arab and Muslim countries, Ramadan has a special flavor in Saudi Arabia. In this country, we find the two holy cities of Islam, Mecca and Medina known as Al-Haramayn Ashareefayn which enjoy a special position in the hearts of Muslims over the globe. In this context, and since the first day of Ramadan, Saudi people are filled with happiness and joy, and touched by spiritual breezes. As such, worshippers fill mosques day and night and believers gather for saying Dhikr here and there.

After Azan Al-Maghreb, Saudi families engage in collective Iftar showing the sense of both solidarity and generosity. In this regard, each family volunteers to host iftar and feed other families alternately, starting from the house of the oldest man and ending with the house of the youngest one.

Regarding the Iftar meal, Saudis are famous with breaking their fasting by eating dates and drinking water. This is called "fugug Riq". Moreover, the Iftar table is distinguished by multiple dishes consisting of beans, ghee, milk and eggs in addition to various cakes such as "Cream Kunafa", "Cream Al-Ktaev" and "Basbusa".

Concerning the date of the coming holy month, Assabile website will announce the first day of Ramadan in Saudi Arabia once the religious authorities in this country confirm it. Until then, it is expected that the first day of Ramadan for this year 1445/2024 would probably be on the 11 March 2024 (more or less one day).

Assabile website wish you Ramadan Mubarak. May Allah accept your good deeds as well as ours.

Written by: Amine Hilal

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