Date of the end of ramadan and Eid ul Fitr 2024/1445 in Egypt

Eid Al Fitr in Egypt has several special features and manifestations, where the Egyptians celebrate this religious occasion throughout their customs and traditions that are inherited from their ancestors since the Fatimid rule, including cleaning their houses and decorating it, baking bread and cakes and cooking them in the nearby furnaces especially in the popular neighborhoods.

They stay up all night until dawn, while praising and glorifying Allah in order to thank him for giving them the opportunity to seek his obedience and to worship him during Ramadan. The Egyptians start their Eid day with the “Fajr” prayer, return home, and then go to perform the “EID” prayer while wearing their best clothes and they exchange greetings on this occasion in an atmosphere of joy and brotherhood.

After the Eid prayer, people go to their homes in order to have breakfast, which consists mostly of cakes, “Al Karafish”, “Al Maamoul” and “Al Ghourayiba”, etc. After that, they visit their families and kinship with them.

In the afternoon, they decide to have lunch, which is usually consisting of salty fish, such as the Herring, Sardines, sea food and others. Also, they devote their evening time to go out to parks, leisure places, amusement parks, toy stores, etc.

It should be noted that Dar Al Ifta in Egypt is the authority in charge of observing the Helal “New moon” of Eid Al Fitr, as its members gather around at night in order to observe the Helal and to announce the adequate date of Eid Al Fitr to the Egyptian people.

The preliminary predictions forecast that Eid Al Fitr in Egypt of 2024/1445 will correspond to the 10 April 2024 with one day of difference (either added or removed).

Assabile website wishes you Eid Mubarak Said with the warmest desires.

Written by: Amine Hilal

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