Date of the end of ramadan and Eid ul Fitr 2024/1445 in Qatar

In the morning of Eid Al Fitr in Qatar, people exchange greetings and congratulate each other for the arrival of the Eid. They go to mosques in order to pray the Eid prayer and they go to their home to gather around with their families and loved ones to talk about the Eid. In fact, the father is joined by his children to welcome the visitors and the neighbors with a special dish, called “Al Fala” or “Al Fawala”, which is a famous tradition in Qatar that reflects the generosity and the hospitality of the Qataris. This dish is made mainly from the Omani sweet, “Al Khanfouch”, dates, “Al Qars”, and other ingredients. The Qataris on this occasion move from a house to another in order to congratulate the families with kind words such as “Eid Mubarak, may Allah bless you with another Eid next year”. Also, people often offer clothes or toys to the children to make them happy.

Eid Al Fitr is celebrated in Qatar in many ways, like using joss-sticks and fumes in the houses and in the popular neighbors until its beautiful scents fill everywhere. And concerning the clothing, the Qataris make sure they wear new and traditional clothes for the occasion of Eid Al Fitr such as “Al Ghutra” and “Al Aukaal” which shows the authenticity and the identity of the Arabic and Islamic world. They are also keen to kinship with their parents and their friends. In fact, some of them prefer to head to the parks, shopping centers and entertainment centers to have a quality time with their families.

Concerning the determination of the first Eid day, the ministry of Awqaf and Islamic affairs is the authority in charge in Qatar, as its members meet the night of doubt in order to observe the Helal and to make an announcement about the exact date, which is done in the 29th of Ramadan.

It is expected that Eid Al Fitr 2024/1445 in Qatar will correspond to the 10 April 2024 with a one day difference.
Assabile website will announce the date of the Eid in Qatar immediately after its announcement by the Qatari ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs.

Eid Mubarak, may Allah bless you and your loved ones.

Written by: Amine Hilal

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