How to welcome Ramadan in 7 Steps

As days go by like lightning and years pass quickly, we feel lost, not only in the crowdedness and darkness of life but also in the paths of the world and its seditions. Worse than that we get caught up in excessive materialism, luxuries and formalities; we don’t worship Allah as it should be, and we don’t take care of our souls, nor do we nurture our hearts the right way. Suddenly appears the dawn of the holy month of Ramadan which we welcome with delighted faces, eager souls and happy hearts. For this reason, here are some steps that will help the Muslim to receive Ramadan and seize its reward.

The first step: Supplication to reach Ramadan

The most important readiness of Ramadan is the longing to its religious whiff, and the seeking of its spiritual breeze. Therefore, it is advisable for a Muslim to ask Allah all the time to grant him the reaching of Ramadan while he is in good health and wellness. It was narrated that the Prophet, peace be upon him as saying: “Oh Allah bless us in Rajab and Sha3baan and allow us to reach Ramadan”. When Ramadan arrives the Muslim asks Allah to bless him and to bless the Ummah with safety and security, and to help him to fast and perform Qiyam in order to reach Allah’s forgiveness for his sins and misdeeds.

Step Two: Thankfulness for the attainment of Ramadan

When Ramadan comes and the Muslim is alive, then it’s a great abundance. If during Ramadan the servant of Allah succeeds to fast, perform Qiyam and Obey Allah as it should be, then it is a great blessing which deserves thanks and praise, and requires recognition of the generosity and grace of Allah. Therefore, the believer should praise Allah for prolonging his life to reach this holy month, and for opening his breast to seize this great bounty, and also for reconciling his heart, his body and all his faculties to perform various acts of worship and devotion.

Step Three: Cheerfulness in Ramadan

Ramadan is the month of good deeds and mercies, in which increases the reward and double the righteous deeds. Therefore, it is natural that the Muslim rejoices in the arrival of this great month and wonderful opportunity. Allah Says: (Say: In the bounty of Allah and in His mercy: therein let them rejoice. It is better than what they hoard) [Yunus: 58]. The true Muslim shows happiness and rejoicing while worshipping Allah, and he is grateful to Allah for extending his life to reach this holy month.

The fourth step: Planning for Ramadan

For the Muslim, Ramadan is considered as an annual training workshop when he strengthens his faith, enhances his Taqwa, learns patience during obedience, stays away from sin, turns to Allah at all times. Therefore the Muslim is advised to plan ahead to benefit from the virtues of Ramadan, and to maximize spiritual gains through a daily program where he organizes times of good deeds and worship, he also commits himself to follow these acts during the holy month in order to forge his determination, strengthen his duty and gain reward by permission of Allah.

Step Five: Knowledge of judgments pertaining to Ramadan

Knowing things is better than ignoring them; the true Muslim is the one who worships Allah with knowledge and certainty. Therefore the believer should prepare himself to receive Ramadan by knowing its conditions, judgments, contraindications and other jurisprudential issues, so as not to err in regard to Allah while he is unaware. Nowadays, the sources of knowledge are abundant. Allah the Almighty instructed us to understand religious affairs. Allah says: (Ask the followers of the Reminder if ye know not) [Al-Anbiya: 7].

Step Six: Sincere repentance

Because we are human beings, sometimes we make mistakes! A Muslim regardless of the degrees of his faith and his Taqwa is susceptible to mistakes. Luckily Allah is merciful with his servants, He forgives them and will not call them to account if they confess their sins and repent. Therefore, the Muslim should receive Ramadan with a sincere repentance and a strong determination to escape from evil deeds and sins so he will have Allah’s forgiveness and comes out of Ramadan pure and clean like the day he was born.

The seventh step: Open a new page

As long as there is a breath in the body and a soul in the heart there is an existing opportunity. Therefore the Muslim must not be annoyed or grieved from past mistakes. Our Errors teach us how to succeed and our falls teach us how to rise again. So the Muslim should benefit from the whiffs of Ramadan to start a new clean and pure page; first with Allah, secondly with himself, thirdly with his family, and lastly with the people around him.

Written by: Amine Hilal

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