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Biography of Fahd Al Kandari

Fahd Al Kandari

He studied Quran since he was a kid, and participated in many Quranic competition, and he was able to take the first place in most of them. He studied science education at the university and worked as an Imam in many mosques inside and outside his own country, he has many activities which combines between advocacy work, media production and TV presentation in a number of religious program, we’re talking about the Islamic preacher Fahd Al Kandari.

Al Kandari was born in 1982, June 28th, in Kuwait, he loved the Quran and learnt its rules and techniques at an early age, and he was able to learn the whole of it by heart at the age of 15 under the supervision of Sheikh Rashad Ibn Mohamed Sayed Ahmad Alam. In the meantime, he had the opportunity to lead the prayers in Al Hay Mosque, and then moved to Al Amir in Yarmouk in 1999 and Alkolaib Mosque in 2001. His career as an Imam was extended outside his country, more specifically in Qatar where he led the prayers in Mohamed Ibn Abdelwahab Mosque during the Month of Ramadan in 1433/2012.

In Parallel with his preoccupation as an Imam, and after being graduated from the faculty of education in Kuwait, he held a number of positions and responsibilities, as he set up “Forfrem” company in 2012, beside his nomination as ambassador for the group (Qatar Charity) in 2013. In addition to that, he worked as a general supervisor for a program entitled “Halaqat assawt annadiy fi mobrat almotamayizin” in 2014, he also has worked as an official Imam since 2000, and his first recording was for the Quranic Chapters (Al-Isra, Al-Rahman, Al-Haaqqa) which was outstanding, and got the audience’s Approbation.

From a media and a marketing perspective, Sheikh Fahd Al Kandari has broadcasted a number of Television programs, “Bel Quran Ehtadayt”, he also provided a TV program “traveler with Quran” on Rissala Channel in 1434, and the list is longer. In addition to that, he participated in a variety of TV Religious programs and he was able to win the international competition of the Quran in Kuwait.


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  1. Bismillah
    Assalaam Alaikum
    Sure it was nice to hear the voice of Quran recited by Fahd Al kandari. but there are things to be corrected. they are as flows
    1- Upload full complet SURAH Ex:- Surah thawba , you have uploaded only Vers 112-129 , witch is not good uploard full surah
    2- Surah bagarah patr of it
    So I hope you will think of it.
    So than, Insha Allah ,you would be blessed by the Almighty god.

  2. Salaam
    I am so proud of what your doing sheik, Mashallah alhamdulilah I proud more because I am Muslim. Please I would love to work with you or for you. To do all the wonderful things we have in our religion and pass the message the right way inshallah
    This is my email please sheik do contact me
    May god guide and you are always in good health and happiness

  3. salam aliakom wa ra7matou allah wa baraketou .i like so much your voice i know you from alafasy canal and i find your voice bewitching i hope you recite all the holy quran for us may god protect you please remember us in your douaa we the beginers in the domain of recitation .salam alaikom

  4. Masha Allah !!
    His voice is very beautifull!! I am also doing a little bit of tadjweed and I always try to copy his voice ! I really like his tadjweed.
    Masha Allah! May Allah (swt) bless him! And all our muslim brothers and sisters insha Allah!
    Allahoma amine !

  5. Assalamualaikum.
    I like what you've done in the program of musafir maal quran. I like the it much. And I hope that I;ll be one of the muslim who are memorizing quran.

  6. Assalomu alaykum!
    I am very happy. I am looking forward to seeing new Quran Karim videos by you. Luck in your work.

  7. Masha Allah. . . . .
    His voice is beautiful I am daily listening your Qur'an murathal Allah blessing you..