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Biography of Mahmood Al rifai

Mahmood Al rifai

Mahmood Al Rifai is a Kuwaiti Quran reader. His full name is Mahmood Sayed Ali Al Rifai, and he is the holder of the first place in the 10th Kuwaiti Grand competition of Quran memorization and recitation, which was held under the sponsoring of the prince of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al-Jabber Al-Sabah at the Kuwaiti Grand Mosque.

Sheikh Mahmood Al Rifai was able to obtain a certification according to Hafs Aan Assem’s from “Al Shatibiya” recitation method, under the supervision of Sheikh Abdul Rafia Ridwan Al Sharkawi, the member of the Quranic center in Medina. He also received a certification according to Hafs Aan Assem from “Al Tayba” under the supervision of Sheikh Mohammad Abourawash, the director of the “text control” department in the Quranic center. He is currently studying the “seven readings” and he also has numerous courses concerning the correction of the Quran recitation in the ministry of Awqaf.


  1. Mashallah! What a glorious voice Allah endowed with this brother Mahmoud. May Allah his bless soul and grant him a place in paradise inshallah

  2. Beautiful Recitations.
    His recitations bring tears and soften my heart.
    May Allah reward Sheikh Mahmood Ar Rifai.