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  1. Ma Shaa Allah may Allah (S.W.T) grant us peace and mercy for all of us; As prophet Dawud called upon Allah (S.W.T) saying "O Allah, write it as a reward for me, and release me from a burden for it, and make it a I treasure for me in Paradise. Accept it from me as You accepted it from your servant Dawud.
    Reference: At-Tirmithi 2/473, and Al-Hakim who graded it authentic and Ath-Thahabi agreed 1/219

  2. Sallamou alayqueme warahmato Allah wa taala,
    Je t'écoute chaque jour pour apprendre les courtes souares, je suis emus par ton récit simple et touchant que Dieu te protège ya cheik.
    J'aime que mon enfant Reda suit ton chemin et soit parmi les reciteurs du coran ya rabe.

  3. Alsalam ayakum,
    This website is very nice mashallah!
    Does anybody know where can i download his dua al qannot??
    May ALLAH SWT bless you all ameen! And grant you jannah inshallah!ameen. And may ALLAH SWT bless Mohamed al barak ameen!

  4. This website is very nice mashallah!
    May ALLAH SWT bless you all ameen!
    May thousands of people get good benefit of this website
    May Allah SWT make us Beautiful Qu'ran reciter too
    ameen summa ameen

  5. mashaAllah, may Allah grant us the opportunity to memorize the whole qur'an, and may it be a witness on the day of Qiyyamah.