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Biography of Yasser Al Mazroyee

Yasser Bin Ibrahim Al Mazroyee…the Quran readers “Musnid”

Sheikh Yasser Al Mazroyee is one of the biggest students of Sheikh Muhammad Bin Jarah; he is the Quran reader’s “Musnid”. He has numerous nicknames, and Sheikh Ali Bin Mubarak wrote beautiful verses of poetry about him.

Sheikh Yasser devoted his entire life to learn and to teach the holy Quran, and he is considered a very knowledgeable person in Kuwait, as he is certified by several famous Sheikhs. He reads according to Hafas Aan Assem’s recitation method, and he earned a certification according to the “Fourteen readings”.

Throughout his career, he held several positions, as he was a general director of the public authority of the printings and publications of the holy Quran, the Sunnah, and its sciences, which is an organization that was founded in order to help promote and share the holy Quran. He is currently an Imam in “Al Souhoul” mosque in Kuwait.

As it was noted in the beginning, Sheikh Yasser had a strong will and interest to teach the holy Quran, simplify its sciences, and help share the readings rules. He was able to accomplish this by writing several books, such as: “the Quranic closing Du’aa of several Sheikhs”, “the sincerity of the intention in the sequenced Hadeeth by priority”, “the summary of the Tajweed of Sheikh Omar Assem Al Azmiri”, “Al Ikhwan masterpiece of the Tajweed of sheikh Hassan Al Shaeer”, etc.


  1. Salaamu aliakum warahmatula, I am mariama O. Dibba (Gambian) ma sha Allah sheikh Yaser is gifted in the way he recited the the holy Quran, any Quranic reciter you comes across , you thought he is the best until you heard another person reciting. This is another miracle of the holy Quran. May Allah SWT bless all of them in this world and in the hereafter ameen