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Biography of Ahmad Khader Al-Tarabulsi

Ahmad Khader Al-Tarabulsi

Sheikh Ahmad Khader Al Tarabulsi is a Kuwaiti Quran reader, born in 1947. He is popular and famous in two different fields: As a Quran reader “Tajweed” and as a participant in several international Quran “Tajweed” competitions, and also as a brilliant football goal keeper before becoming a coach of the national teams.

Besides that, Sheikh Ahmad Khader obtained a certification concerning “Khatm Al Quran” from the association of “the holy Quran preservation” in Byron in 1962. He was also certified by Sheikh “Mamoun Kitabi” according to Hafas Aen Assem’s method of recitation. And in 1992, he earned an “Islamic Studies” certification from “Dar Al Quran” in Kuwait.

Sheikh Ahmad Khader participated in numerous international Quran recitation competitions, and he attained the first price in mostly all of them. For instance, he won the first place in the international contest of Quran recitation in Malaysia in 1986, and he won the second place in “Al Jouyouch Al Islamia” competition in Iran in 1995, and the third place in the Indian international competition in 2007.

Sheikh Ahmad is considered the first Kuwaiti Quran reciter who recorded the Quranic “Khatmah” or finishing in Kuwait in 1992.

Moreover, Sheikh Ahmad Al Tarabulsi participated as a member of the jury in several international Quran reading competitions, and he also presided over the jury of the international Kuwaiti contest, in the “Tilawat” and “Tajweed” branch, in 2010.


  1. MashaAllah finally I have found the voice, the recitation, and the pace that I like.
    May Allah bless you for such a beautiful reading. Jazakallah
    Muzafar Mahmood