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Biography of Omar Al Kazabri

Omar Al Kazabri

Omar Al Kazabri is a Moroccan Qur’an reciter and Imam. He was born in 1974 in Marrakech. His father helped him memorize the Qur’an at the age of eleven.

Soon after having got his baccalaureate, Omar flew to Saudi Arabia in order to learn more about Islamic Fiqh. He enrolled in Islamic Institute of Makkah in 1997. In parallel of his studies, he was leading prayers in Jeddah’s University mosque.

Later on, he went to Egypt and worked with Cheikh Ahmed Al Maassarwi on a project entitled “The Ten recitations achievement”. Back to Morocco, Omar Al Kazabri had gained a huge experience from masters of Qur’an recitation and Islamic sciences.

Omar Al Kazabri first led prayers in Oulfa’s mosque (Casablanca, Morocco) and earned much popularity thanks to his recitation of the Holy Qur’an. Omar Al Kazabri then was nominated Imam and Reciter of the monumental Hassan II mosque.

Omar Al Kazabri is also known for his interesting conferences and speeches. He is nicknamed the Minbar nightingale.


  1. Iam pleased with his last article about nudity amongs women in Morocco but unfortunately our ISLAMIC country is full of bars and night clubs and our ISLAMIC education at schools is very limited in 2 hours a week instead it suppose to be the higher hours from all subjects, da3wa programs also are not much in the cities mosques, that's why youth and specially women are getting too westernized.
    Allah protect us and our children from the wordly life.

  2. That's a bless from God. Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful recitation by Omar Al Kazabri. It's extremely relaxing and make me very focused; 'tadabor'

  3. najat benkhlifa
    i listen sometimes to cheikh Al KAZABRI, really his voice is the best one in Morrocco, but in the arabic world , there is one reciter whose voice makes me trembling and relaxes my mind : "SOUDAYSSI", but Al kazabri has being in the way of making the souls around him.
    ALLAH bless him.

  4. Macha Allah, nice voice and a good "tilawa" of Koran.
    We will be greatful if you could put sourat "ALBAKARA" with WARCH' way by Chaykh Omar AL KAZABRI.
    I hope you all of the best; PARADISE inchaAllah.

  5. Masha Allah.
    One of the greatest Qur'an Reciters this globe will ever have.
    His recitation of Warsh a'n Naafi'e is so amazing. Al-hamdulillah.
    May Allah bless him and grant him al-jannatul firdausil A'laa. Ameen.

  6. I m very excited when im listening quran deep in the night before going bed its makes me feel GOD in the bottom of my heart .my surat :yusuf and waqia recited by kazabri is wonderful :GOD bless you again.

  7. I have found that his best recitation is that of surat nour.
    I have prayed behind him in dar bayda. Very inspiring imam.

  8. thank you very much for this beautiful recitation , jazakom Allah khayran , can you please add surat Al Aaraf