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Biography of NurDin Hamza Al Maghriby

NurDin Hamza Al Maghriby

He is NûrDîn Hamza Al Maghriby (or Nourddine Amzil), he’s a French recitor native to Morocco (his parents are from near Ouarzazate), he was born in 1986 in Toul in France.

From his childhood, NûrDîn Hamza learned Arabic with the assistance of a teacher, this, of course in parallel with French.

NûrDîn Hamza Al Maghriby studied a religious education on behalf of his professor Sheikh Dr. Nejdi Amine who taught him the need for representing in a good manner its identity as a Moslim and French.

In several occasions, NûrDîn Hamza replaced his professor for Taraweeh prayers and Khutabs Al Jumu’a (Sermon of Friday), etc. Also, NûrDîn gives Dourous in the mosque concerning various subjects of Muslim’s topicality, like “importance of Salaât”, “Hajj”, “Ramadan”...in Arabic and French.

Currently, NûrDîn Hamza Al Maghriby just learned 9 Hizbs (Parts) of Qurân, but he intends to memorise all Qurân (60 Hizbs). In addition, and to improve his Qurân recitation, he intends also to assist to Sheikh Ahmed Al Habti lessons of Tajwid.

Several extract from the chants of NûrDîn Hamza Al Maghriby are available on this site


  1. He puts my baby Hammaad to sleep.He has a calm, not over emotional recitation.May Allah guide him and bless him. Ameen.Hammaad is sucking on his pacifier.He hasn't cried yet,MashaAllah.

  2. Mashallah very nice. from heart to heart!! Great potential to excel even more as still very young. May Allah preserve all Muslims.