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Biography of Laayoun El Kouchi

Laayoun El Kouchi

Laayoune El Kouchi is one of the most talented Moroccan Qur’an reciters. He was born in Safi in 1967.

Cheikh Laayoun El Kouchi memorized the Qur’an at the age of 9. He is currently the imam of Al Andalous Mosque, Morocco.


  1. We both worship the God of Abraham, but in different expressions. As the great mosques and cathedrals are an expression of the faith of those who built them, so your faith is expressed in your voice and in your offering these recitations of Qur'an scripture to the community via this web-site. Thank you for your offering to the community of faith. May you and your family live under the pavilion of protection of Allah / Dios / God, name him what you will, according to your language. I subscribe myself your friend and also a person of faith. Benjamin Stutzman

  2. I love your voice very much Mr Laayoun , that's why it's always a real pleasure to listen to you, so keep on like this and I wish you a great career full of success, and hope that you will teach a lot of children how to be as professional as you while reading Qur'an without any mistake!

  3. Mashaallah , may allah grant you his blessing and jazaka allaho 3alayna khayra. Allah has blessed morocco by many hafid, haamdollah for his blessing,there are many others, specially the young ones. May allah grant the umma peace and show us the right path inshallah.

  4. I love you very much Mr laayoun el kochi, amar al kazabri as well, I wish you a great success in your career, may god protect you and your family, we have not seen someone like you before
    , thanks to Allah.

  5. Hi My Name Is Abdallah I’m From London I Will Learn Warsh Al Nafi When I Finish The Quran Kind Regards Abdallah Salimin

  6. God reward you , may god protect you and your family ,I wish you Insha2allah a great career full of success,