Biography of Abu Ishaq Alheweny

Abu Ishaq Alheweny

Abu Ishaq Alheweny… the Shaykh who gave up the Spanish dream

Abu Ishaq Al Heweny was born in 1956, in the village of Hewen in Egypt. Abu Ishaq was not his actual name at birth; his real name is Hijazi Muhammad Yousuf Sherif. Al Heweny refers to the village where he was born.

After high school he soon joined his brother in the city of Cairo where he started attending the lectures of the late shaykh Abd Al-Hamid Kishk. He then joined Ain Shams University to study the Spanish language and literature later dreaming to go there.
However he was obsessed by Shaykh Muhammad Nasiruddin Al-Albani’s books and adhered to his thoughts and perceptions of Islam.

Thanks to his hard work, shaykh Al Heweny benefited from a scholarship to Spain, but he soon went back to his country, because he could not adapt to the western lifestyle.

Once back, he studied more carefully Al-Albani’s books that are, according to him, more fruitful and useful than his academic studies. He then got more interested in the field of Hadith studies having as first teacher the Shaykh Muhammad Najib Al-Mutii. He then went to Jordan where he stayed a month with the one who inspired him the most; Shaykh Al-Albani. Finally his search for knowledge ended in Saudi Arabia where he met Saleh Al-Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen and other scholars with whom he completed his studies giving lectures in different mosques.

After this, the scholar went back to Egypt and consecrated his life to call Muslims and non Muslims to believe in Allah; publishing a number of books and articles, giving lectures and presenting different shows.


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