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Good Ramadan 2017/1438 to everyone. This site is your guide of Ramadan 2017/1438. Here you can know the official date of the beginning of Ramadan, the hours ... read more

Eid Al Adha

Aid al-kabir (the greater aid) also called Eid al-Adha is one of the two most important Islamic festivals, Eid al-Adha begins on the 10th day of Dhu'l-Hijja, the last month of the Islamic calendar. Lasting for three... read more

The Prayer (Salat)

The second pillar of Islam after Shahadah, its considered as the most important by many scholars (with fasting), is the prayer or in Arabic salat. Muslims are required to perform the five daily prayers in which they... read more


El Hajj or Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. This pilgrimage to the Holy Land is between the day 8 and 13 of the Muslim month of Dou Al Hijjah which is the last month of ... read more

Islamic calendar

The islamic calendar or the Hijjri year is based on the principle of a lunar year; it is formed of 12 months of 29 or 30 days, thus constituting a Hijri year of 354 or 355 days. ... read more


The Prophet (may peace blessings be upon him) observed: « By Him in whose Hand is my life, no, bondsman (truly) believes till he likes for his neighbour, or he (the Holy Prophet) said: for his brother, whatever he likes for himself.»
Narrated on the authority of Anas
'A'isha reported Allah's Messenger (may peace blessings be upon him) as saying « The tie of kinship is suspended to the Throne and says: He who unites me Allah would unite him and he who severed me Allah would sever him. »
A'isha reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace blessings be upon him) said « A'isha, verily Allah is kind and He loves kindness and confers upon kindness which he does not confer upon severity and does not confer upon anything else besides it (kindness) »

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