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Biography of Abdullah Al-Buraimi

His full name is Abdullah Bin Abdul Karim Al Buraimi Al Zaraouni, a Quran reader, an Imam, and a preacher in “Abou Dhabi” mosque in the United Arab Emirates.

Sheikh Abdullah was born in the 23 January, 1980, in “Al Sharika” city in the UAE. He obtained his masters degree in Al Shari’a (Comparative Fikh) in 2010 with honors “Excellent”. He also obtained the Cambridge international diploma in the Information Technology Skills, and he is currently preparing for his doctorate degree in “Shari’a” in the international Islamic University in Malaysia.

He took on several responsibilities in various cities in the UAE. He was appointed as the acting head of the preaching department in department of Islamic affairs in “Al Sharika” from 1999 to 2001. He was also the responsible for the two branches ‘Imams’ and ‘Preachers’ in the Islamic affairs department in the same city between 2005 and 2006. Since 2010, he was appointed as an Imam and a preacher in general authority branch of the Islamic affairs and “Awqaf” in “Oum Al Quwain” city. He is also considered as the general supervisor in the centers of the Quranic memorization in the branch of the general authority and “Awqaf” Bani Yaas in Abu Dhabi since 2010 up until now.

Sheikh Abdullah is popular for his sweet voice and for his wonderful performances. He has published several publications in the Arab and Islamic world. Besides that, he is married and he is the father of six children.


  1. Jazaka Allahu Kheiran Khesiran Ya Sheikh Abdullah, with all your efforts you are putting on to expand Islamic Religion, I enjoyed your sweet voice in recitation of Holy Qur'an. keep it up May Almighty Allah's protection, blessing, long life, more knowledge and prosperity be upon you and your family Insha'Allah. Please, include my name in your prayer and my family (children and wife) too. thanks, Salamu Aleyku!